Sandra Helton
"The time and place of birth is your entrance into this dimension." - Sandra Helton
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 A few comments from Shirley MacLaine’s Website 
featuring Sandra Helton

“I just got my reading with Sandra today and it was truly wonderful. She is professional but at the same time you feel like you are chatting with your best friend. Her reading was accurate and has given me the guidelines for a wonderful year. Thanks again and know that you will continue to have me as a client. DJ"

 “Sandra’ amazing accuracy and insight into the esoteric aspect of my chart helped me to understand the path my life is taking. Jesse Lee"

“I have had Sandra do my annul reading for 7 years now after she did such a great job with my natal chart. I find her readings invaluable through the year. Kata"

“I must confess that I find Ms. Helton to be a treasure. Besides my co-members here on this site, Shirley, Brit, Dr. Cannon, and Ms, Helton have been the four beings who have allowed me to understand…rk"

“I suggest taking time to read this weeks astrology article by Sandra Helton. It contains valuable information about how to work with the energies of Saturn at this time…and much more…A52"

Hi Sandra, thank you very much for the great reading on my chart! I truly appreciate it and loved it!! Again many thanks for your patience with me!

​Dear Sandra,
I just wanted to let you know that I found the reading very interesting and informative. You did a great job. I appreciate your effort and the way you broke it down for me. Best wishes.
Kurt T" 

"Dear Sandra,

I want to thank you so much for my reading... it was so right on... everything you said was exactly true to my nature and it actually helped to put me on my chosen path." UL

"I liked the spiritual touch you added to the reading. Just what I was looking for, and coming from the Shirley website, what I expected. BD"


All on the site remains, including the weekly astrology column.

New News: the more detailed weekly astrology column will resume (as previously) soon that includes daily lunar and planetary interpretations plus both mundane and esoteric views that will be published on another site along with astrology articles, lessons and other metaphysical topics. 
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Some have noticed I'm using the email, as listed here, instead of the site mailboxes. It's more secure and also more reliable. For compensation I have another secure email address that's also working great. 

I'm working on topics to include in the website for members so welcome your thoughts, ideas and interests. Right now I'm including the detailed weekly astrology column, ongoing information about dream analysis, aspects and techniques for developing intuition, ways to facilitate dialogue with those of same interests and original esoteric articles that promote thinking in original ways - creativity.