Sandra Helton
Sandra Helton offers astrology consultations and intuitive counsel; teaches classes, presents workshops and lectures.

Sandra studied astrology at Astrology Dynamics and with Sybil Leek from whom she received certificates after completion of in-class courses plus written and oral testing. She was astrologer and columnist for Shirley MacLaine for 15 years. The book, Wheel of Stars, by famed science fiction author Andre Norton was dedicated to Sandra for her contribution and collaboration with the heroine profile and Sandra's original artwork is in the first edition. Mediumship and psychic development studies were through the Spiritual Research Society and Anne Gehman. Sandra is a minister offering intuitive counsel for ways to manage life circumstances and learning life management. She feels that understanding the self is the first step to progress and then with guidance a new path can be initiated. 

Some of her teachings are intuitive development, spirit communication, dream analysis, understanding and connecting to earth energies, meditation, astrology, how to interpret symbols, synchronicity, visualization and more.
ASTROLOGY CONSULTATIONS provide information about your birth chart, current and future cycles, karmic and other lifetimes, your spiritual path and business. Details are on the Consultations Page

     “Astrology is a tool that provides answers to the why of life and allows a peak into the future so that you may plan and make the best decisions exclusively for you. Every chart is different as are needs so I work with each person based on where they are in the moment and what they want to fulfill. Sessions always go in the direction most needed. I emphasize that free will is always in action and that the astrology chart is a wonderful esoteric education.”  

PERSONAL MENTIORING is an enriching and economical way to gain clarity and wisdom about your life path and make the best decisions. Scheduling is at your own pace. You might want to talk weekly for half an hour or hour or once a month though the option of frequency is exclusively yours. Intuition and understanding of natural and spiritual principles are part of the process.

     “In today’s world stress and complex lifestyles are a lot to cope with. People lose perspective and become overwhelmed so having a personal counselor and guide helps to see and learn the why and how of it all. If you are unsure, unclear or just need to talk about your life these sessions are insightful, confidential and ideal.”

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES for developing your intuition may be by phone that saves travel time and expense. Each is designed with instruction to guide you based on your level of awareness and development.

     “I believe everyone is psychic as that it’s a natural part of life though often untapped and overlooked. Discovering your innate gifts and knowing how to utilize into them can benefit your personal life and business and be quite empowering. Many discover that this type of development enhances their own beliefs and strengthens their life choices.”
"The time and place of birth is your portal into this dimension." - Sandra Helton
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