Sandra Helton offers astrology consultations with a choice-centered approach and counsel in office and by phone. Details are on the Consultations page. She teaches classes, presents workshops and lectures in person, by phone and teleconference on various metaphysical topics, and is columnist and astrologer for Read her weekly column here:

Sandra studied astrology and graduated from Astrology Dynamics and with Sybil Leek from whom she received certificates after completion of in-class courses plus written and oral testing. The book, Wheel of Stars, by famed science fiction author Andre Norton was dedicated to Sandra for her contribution and collaboration with  original artwork is in the first edition. Mediumship and psychic development studies were through the Spiritual Research Society and Anne Gehman and she is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Sandra is a minister offering intuitive counsel for ways to manage life circumstances and learning life management skills. She feels that understanding is the first step to progress and then with guidance a new path can be initiated.

Some of her teachings are intuitive development, spirit communication, dream analysis, understanding and connecting to earth energies, meditation, astrology, how to interpret symbols, synchronicity, visualization and more. Check the Classes page for details.

You'll find astrology updates, scheduling, articles and latest news and links about animal welfare. Data is always being added. Many of the special classes on specific topics will soon be available for listening through the Internet and by phone.

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Classes, lectures and workshops. See the Classes Page

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The astrology pages are always changes to include up-to-date information about current planet placements and what's happening in the heavens. The new and full moon charts are there, too as well as details about how to schedule a personal session.

Your Celestial Compass is an astrology column published weekly at that includes daily details about lunar and planetary influences. Sandra's Celestial Compass
ASTROLOGY consultations designed with you in mind. Some clients seek insight about what makes them tick while others want answers about why something is happening in their life. As well, there is the process of discovery about current and future celestial cycles of influence that facilitates planning and decision making. This ancient art and science goes beyond mere description of personality traits as it delves into many aspects of life from understanding the psychological and emotional dynamics to past lives and charting for businesses and corporations. Understanding the spirit self has become a great demand as Twenty-first Century consciousness leads the way to expanding awareness and a “need to know.” During Sandra’s extensive study and research she has formulated specific methods and knowledge to guide each along the path of enlightenment and to help make the best decisions for living a full life.

COUNSEL is the process of gaining personal understanding about why you’re where you are today and how to move away from obstacles and blocks that are in the way of your ultimate happiness and success. All sessions are confidential and may be in any sequence you need from one to several or as an ongoing practice. Sessions are low cost to accommodate all who need guidance. The assessment of your issues and concerns is the beginning of a plan created just for you. Sandra combines her intuitive skills along with knowledge of Natural Law plus other techniques to structure individual plans and guidelines. She states that, “what works for one may not be the best for another as each has individual needs and concerns that I address fully and specifically.”

PERSONAL MENTORING is usually an ongoing association that is both motivational and enlightening to aid you as you move through life and make decisions. The goal is for your personal empowerment and happiness that is individual for everyone. Sessions are about “you” and involve private talk about where you are right now, where you want to go and how to get there. Personal mentoring provides exclusive support and benefits. Usually, a personal mentor is reserved for the wealthy and famous but now you may have this exclusive assistance to help you achieve your goals. As a confidential advisor Sandra is your coach through times of need, times of change and moments of breakthrough. Scheduling is at your own pace.

“Astrology is a tool that provides answers to the why of life and allows a peak into the future so that you may plan and make the best decisions exclusively for you. Every chart is different as are needs so I work with each person based on where they are in the moment and what they want to fulfill. Sessions always go in the direction most needed. I emphasize that free will is always in action and that the astrology chart is a wonderful esoteric education.”

    “In today’s world stress and complex lifestyles are a lot to cope with. People lose perspective and become overwhelmed so having a personal counselor and guide helps to see and learn the why and how of it all. If you are unsure, unclear or just need to talk about your life these sessions are insightful, confidential and ideal.”

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES for developing your intuition may be by phone that saves travel time and expense. Each is designed with instruction to guide you based on your level of awareness and development.

    “I believe everyone is psychic as that it’s a natural part of life though often untapped and overlooked. Discovering your innate gifts and knowing how to utilize into them can benefit your personal life and business and be quite empowering. Many discover that this type of development enhances their own beliefs and strengthens their life choices.”
...Astrology Consultations with insight into future cycles
...Personal Mentoring

Sandra Helton’s consultations provide help with:
Planning for the future
Resolving Issues
Understand how you moved from past circumstances to now, and how to go from here to a better future.