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Celestial Compass for December 9-15, 2019
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​This is a Great Week of Declarations and 
Affirming What you Want to Do

Right away on Monday Mercury will move into Sagittarius joining the Sun to liven interactions and communication that keeps going until December 28 so is part of how you finish the 2019. The Moon is riding high to peak in Gemini Thursday that informs you there’s more happening that some realize and stirs you to take time to contemplate and think about the year ahead even before the usual New Year Day beginning of resolutions and commencement of plans. Venus is strong due to its placement in Capricorn next to Saturn and Pluto making feelings and desires profound and powerful. This can be for some stifling or overwhelming and for other a strong impulse to break out of a mold and go for what is truly wanted. Jupiter now in Capricorn expands that as well so thoughts and ideas are compelling influences over what you plan and hope to achieve. Jupiter is aligning well with Uranus to prod you along so that you don’t become stagnant and to help you maintain enthusiasm for an ideal goal. The first days until the Full Moon is good for implementing and planting seeds and from there on I time to reflect and consider how you’ll want to work further once the Moon is new at the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 26.

Monday, December 9, 2019
Moon in Taurus

The Moon opposite Mars at 4:11 AM is unsettled feelings and seesaw emotions that make it easy to feel out of sorts and irritated. This is not the time to make commitments.

Mercury is in Sagittarius from 4:42 AM until December 28 that works well for making big plans and working on ideas that you want to be active for a long time. Communication increases with more optimism and hope as you connect with others and include discussions of your beliefs and aspirations. Travel including mental travel as learning is brought forth. Strive to have goals and avoid becoming scattered. Purpose in actions is very helpful to manifest the higher order of this energy.

The sextile of the Moon to Neptune at 9:21 AM makes the atmosphere easygoing and you are tuned into your surroundings and others in positive and clear ways. Understanding is natural and you’re more inclined to network and find common bonds. 

At 2:55 PM the Moon and Saturn trine stabilizes life around you and helps you to establish reliability. There is support and endurance that is pleasant and beneficial. Time is a factor to consider and brings reliable circumstances.

The trine of the Moon and Pluto at 8:13 PM helps you to transform and make progress that is important. You’re give confidence and inner strength to carry-on and forge ahead where needed and wanted.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Moon in Taurus/Gemini

During the lunar transit through Gemini from 11:48 AM until Thursday you will feel more inclined to be active and on the go. This placement instigates more travel and communication that leads to more networking on all levels from local to wide range. Expressing yourself is important and discussing ideas and making plans keep you busy.

The Moon and Mercury opposite at 3:43 PM suggests checking all information twice before relying on it. Communication is unclear.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Moon in Gemini

Venus conjunct Saturn at 5:05 PM triggers a more logical approach to romance and social interaction. There’s likely to be budgets and other actions to establish reason when spending and socializing. Frivolity falls by the wayside in favor of reason and down-to-earth purposes.

Proceed with forethought and caution at 5:11 PM when the Moon and Neptune square that causes confusion or misunderstanding. You may not see clearly or someone might be deception.

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Moon in Gemini/Cancer

The Full Moon in Gemini at 12:13 AM is quite the chiller energy in that it can create stark situations to rapidly unfold. Strive to maintain calm and avoid what causes nervousness or feeling unsettled. Much can happen in a short amount of time so work to know what’s important as you engage and act on what happens around you.

While the Moon is in Cancer from 6:23 PM until Saturday you feel more like being at home or in a comfortable environment where you can be yourself. There’s a focus on home, family and anywhere you have an emotional bond and caring. People are more sensitive.

The opposition of the Moon and Jupiter is about paying attention to spending and taking a conservative approach to avoid wasting money. There can be turbulence in your surroundings so avoid being pulled into drama that may not be real or worth your time.

There can be success with something new when the Moon and Uranus sextile at 11:43 PM. Being adventurous and seeking newness is beneficial. It’s a good time to exercise an innovative spirit.

Friday, December 13, 2019
Moon in Cancer

Mars trine Neptune at 6:54 AM is a highly motivating energy that helps to reach far vistas and do something with a special, almost supernatural feel to it. Your instinct helps you to progress and take positive steps forward. Belief and deeds go hand-in-hand.

Venus conjunct Pluto at 10:13 AM can make the ideal real and help you to transform the ordinary into something special and with great purpose. This is energy of dreams coming true so efforts are worth your time. Remain clear about your purpose and intend to avoid any feelings of compulsion. This is an intense ray.

At 10:37 PM the Moon trine Neptune gives smooth sailing and ease of feelings that enhanced communication and automatic understanding of others. You’re more intuitive and easily sense what others need and want.

The Moon trine Mars at 11:25 PM is positive energy and easy progress. There is strength and an even flow to keep you going and afloat in the best way. 

Saturday, December 14, 2019
Moon in Cancer/Leo

There can be a bump in the road at 4:32 AM due to the Moon opposite Saturn. Matters can become negative and holdups get in the way so strive to wait for a better time to push. Avoid complication and what is cumbersome.

The Moon opposite Pluto at 8:47 AM is a strong energy that gets in the way and causes complication. Have patience and keep away from anything negative that would cause a fight or challenging situation.

At 10:57 AM the Moon opposite Venus creates turmoil and being unsettled. Groups could breakdown and people turn cool to the point of breakups. This impedes creativity and is a breakdown socially.

From 10:56 PM until Tuesday of next week the Moon is in Leo that pulls you toward inner focus and interest in being more self-involved. There can be activity with children and also you may have a stronger interest in entertainment and being at the center of your social sphere.

Sunday, December 15, 2019
Moon in Leo

The atmosphere feels unsettled and something might disrupt the status quo due to the Moon square Uranus at 4:02 AM. Fights can breakout and the unexpected happens so avoid risks.

Jupiter trine Uranus at 2:00 PM benefits new ideas and taking a new direction. Innovation and anything new benefits and can grow in positive ways so allow time to think about what you want to do that’s original and progressive, and out of the ordinary.

Good communication is with you through the Moon trine Mercury at 3:18 PM. You easily connect and have understanding and can positively bond with others. This helps writing and mental pursuits.

​In Review (Looking Back)
December 2-8, 2019

Jupiter Brings Out the Visionary in You

As we connect with this last month of 2019 there are a number of very significant energies beaming in such as the solar eclipse in Capricorn that more intensely activates Jupiter now in Capricorn until December 18, 2020. We’ve been experiencing a lot of Capricorn energy due to its ruler Saturn and also Pluto there and now Jupiter brings expansion in varying ways all year long. Right away, if you’re Capricorn you’ll be welcoming this as it eases the intensity you’ve been living with for several years. Other than where it transits in your personal chart that gives specifics you’ll in general have less pressure and more options in your life. All earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo will feel this positive boost. Those feeling intensification are Cancer, Aries, and Libra who’ll be searching for ways to work with it for better management. The eclipse happens December 26 though it’s in effect now and well into 2020. From now until December 12 when the Full Moon occurs in Gemini is great for tying up loose ends and setting the pace you want for the remainder of the year. This matters because the New Moon also being the time of the Solar Eclipse sets an overall pace for 2020. 

Jupiter brings opportunity wherever it is and for the year ahead it can certainly help all governments and leaders around the world. This can benefit anyone in a corporate position of authority and all careers associated with building and structures. Contractors, those buildings anything from bicycles to space ships and even dentists as they work with teeth are helped. There can be advances for them as well as understanding more about the spine that is part of the life force. In general there can be more order and constructive activities for business and responsibilities. The USA as a nation will have Jupiter opposed that isn’t favorable in that it might cause further struggle and disorder that isn’t the biggest power point affecting the nation’s birth chart. Hopefully the tendency to scatter energy won’t happen and the gift of consolidation will ensue. Look to your own chart to see where it benefits you by house.

Key words for the week:

Fulfill; complete; organize; plan; foresight

Affirmation for the week:

“I see and make plans that are attuned to my ideals for a wonderful life.”

Next Week:

The Last Quarter Moon I in Virgo, Venus moves into Aquarius and the Sun goes into Capricorn.


Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

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