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.​Your Celestial Compass for the Week of 
January 10-16, 2022©

Looking Back and Going Forward All at Once

Strong and progressive energy build this week leads up to the Full Moon in Cancer on January 17 at 6:48 PM, ET. This is a full week of growth with the addition of alignment between the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday that furthers strength and conviction. The angle isn’t new since we’ve been dealing with Pluto for a few years now as it jolted the impulse and often need to make changes. This is a year when realizations set-in that for many there’s no going back, which in turn calls for rebirth. Throughout the week Neptune stands forward that on Monday is sextile to the Sun and on Tuesday squared by Mars, and combined with Mercury retrograde calls for a subtle and yet significant wakeup call. The questions the cosmos asked are what’s real, what’s significant, and what’s important, along with other ponderings. During the retrograde of Mercury in Aquarius that will move back into Capricorn there’s a sense of detachment moving in like fog. You can work within this as long as you maintain your inner fortitude and determination to forge ahead.

  • Monday, January 10, Moon in Aries/Taurus
  • Tuesday, January 11, Moon in Taurus
  • Wednesday, January 12, Moon in Taurus/Gemini
  • Thursday, January 13, Moon in Gemini
  • Friday, January 14, Moon in Gemini/Cancer
  • Saturday, January 15, Moon in Cancer
  • Sunday, January 16, Moon in Cancer

An extra note about Mercury is retrograde beginning January 14 that’s now in the shadow phase, casting subtle subconscious rays outward. Like an unknown pull it compels some to act out internal aspects that range from self-undoing to parasitical. In part this is due to lunar angles to Neptune and Mars on that day which is a mark of draining. Begin considering now how you want to venture into the year as it relates to friendship and group contact to avoid this potential beginning deception. There’s a hard energy wherein aggression compels the mentally unhealthy to be busy with what’s in reality superficial and a form of false hysteria used to implore others into their lair like a spider weaving a web. 

Key words for the week:

​Reflection; momentum; static

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

“My life reflects my excellence from within.”​

In Review:

January 3-9, 2022

From one weekend to another, these past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and busy celebration that now has us into 2022 and a lot of hopefulness for less stress and ability to progress. The heavens aligned at midnight January 1, setting energy that will unfold throughout the year along with 4 eclipses in air signs as well as a few turns that open windows of opportunity. 

Below, in the Review section there’s mention of outer placement planets and their influence into this year. 

January 2 kicked off the New Moon in Capricorn so for two weeks energy grows until the Full Moon in Cancer on January 27. This is tremendously helpful for beginnings and those resolutions to more easily get underway. Mercury is in Aquarius all this week that gives latitude to all forms of communication so reaching out, networking, and harmonizing all associations is ideal use of the cycle. 

Venus sextile Neptune on Wednesday is strong and positive for artisans and all forms of creativity. Art work, writing, and tuning into creative dimensions is here for you to explore and manifest. Romantically this is also ideal that calls for reason to understand the validity of connecting with others and someone special. On Saturday the Sun conjunct Venus furthers this great energy of fulfilling passions.

On January 2 is the New Moon in Capricorn sets the month, and to a degree the year that specifically for two weeks is growth and expansion boosted by Jupiter in Pisces that begins Wednesday, affording you insight and greater ability to tune into what you need to do. What’s wanted and what’s best is the challenge. Neptune is with you all year to instill a greater sense of knowing and connection to higher forms of guidance.

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