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Take UT and add or subtract the following hours listed.
Minus ( - ) means to subtract;
Plus ( + ) means to add in relation to GMT and UT time.

Example: When it is noon is England it's 9 PM in Japan.

Check your local area for Daylight Savings & Summer Times

International Date Line East (IDLE) + 12 hours
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) + 12 hours
New Zealand Time (NZT) +12 hours
Guam Standard Time (GST) + 10 hours
East Australian Standard Time (EAST) +10 hours
Japan Standard Time (JST)  +9 hours
China Coast Time (CCT) + 8 hours
West Australian Standard Time (WAST) + 7 hours
India Standard Time (IST) + 5.5 hours
Russian Zone 3 + 4 hours
Baghdad Time (BT) + 3 hours
Russian Zone 2 + 3 hours
Eastern European Time (EET) + 2 hours
Russian Zone 1 + 2 hours
Central European Time (CET) + 1 hour
Middle European Time (MET) + 1 hour
Swedish Winter Time (SWT) +1 hour
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 0 hour
Universal Time (UT) 0 hour
Western European Time (WET) 0 hour
West African Time (WAT) - 1 hour
Atlantic Standard Time (AST) - 4 hours
Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 5 hours
Central Standard Time (CST) - 6 hours
Mountain Standard Time (MST) - 7 hours
Pacific Standard Time (PST) - 8 hours
Alaskan Standard Time (AkST) - 9 hours
Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) - 10 hours
International Date Line West (IDLW) - 12 hours

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It’s Over - or is It?
The Full, Blood, Wolf, Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Continues Impact

Just into this week in the Eastern Time Zone is the lunar eclipse at 12:16 AM riding low over the Earth and visible in North America. It’s a blood Moon because of atmospheric conditions that cause it to appear a hazy orange-red; it a Wolf Moon because the Full Moon in January was named this many years ago and sometime called the Hunter’s Moon; it’s a Super Moon because it is low on the horizon and appears to the eye to be larger than usual; it’s full because it’s the peak of light and opposite the Sun in Aquarius; it’ eclipsing because it’s the time when the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon that blots out lunar light.

The influence has been building, especially for the past two-three weeks and it will be influential for the next two-three months. Often, a lunar eclipse can be influential several days before to two after it peaks although this is significant due to visibility in this specific part of the world that is a marker of change globally. The principle of action and reaction can be applied as we move through the waning lunar tide and ramifications of this powerful eclipse ray. From now until the New Moon in Aquarius on February 4 you are internalizing it and discovering how it personally impacts you.

Mercury in Aquarius from Thursday until February 10 opens you to new and unusual awareness and it feeds the already stirring society and news feeds. It’s a busy time and will continue.

Monday, January 121, 2019
Moon in Leo

In the Eastern Time Zone the peak of the Leo Eclipse occurs at 12:17 AM. Before this midnight hour it was visible as the darkening phase began, and in other regions of the world it happened before this time. Either way or when, it’s a strong and eventful happening that has and is capturing attention all over the world. In Leo it effects the entertainment field, resorts, places of recreation, entertainers, artists, actors, dancers, singers, designers, children, pets, fashion, musicians, and also your own interests and desires. You’re more aware of what you want and also personal interests and can feel throughout the year a strong impulse to manifest them. You may be more self-aware that prompts changes to your appearance and intensity of what you love to do. Romance and close involvements are a dynamic that will unfold as more awareness of the dynamics of them. Many will want to seek enjoyment and find an ideal that makes them happy.

Mars square Saturn at 6:19 AM causes stubbornness, willfulness, and rebellion. It can also trigger pushing too far and running into stumbling blocks. Frustration may cause delays and upsets where you feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

The Moon trine Mars at 9:20 PM eases and moves energy forward toward finishing work and making headway. It’s easier now to take a step and gain ground that facilitates work and accomplishment.

The Moon trine Venus at 11:45 PM mellows everything around you and makes the atmosphere easygoing and people more willing to get along and work together. It’s easy to work in groups and connect socially. You can feel okay and creative.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Moon in Leo/Virgo

The trine between the Moon and Jupiter at 12:13 AM offers optimism and hopefulness. Emotional tides are strong and upbeat with people interested in being helpful and generous. It’s easy now to gain support as needed and a nice time to nurture friendships.

Venus conjunct Jupiter at 7:27 AM offers very nice energy for relationships, all associations, and anywhere you want to connect in a good way with others. This expands creativeness and matters of the heart and is special for benefits and good fortune. You may want more and easily indulge where desire is strong so give consideration to what’s best for you before you go too far. It can be a ray of blessings and is a nice time to become engaged or to make a personal commitment. This is great for creativity and artisans.

At 8:21 PM the Moon trine Uranus sparks adventure and seeking something unique that interests you. This is great for trying new things and exploration as it excites and enlightens the mind. You can be more original.

While the Moon is in Virgo from 10:23 PM until Thursday you are drawn to be more practical and using logic to make decisions. Managing and maintaining a good schedule is supported while you take care of duty and work, and tend to health.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Moon in Virgo

Mercury square Uranus at 6:14 AM could be disruptive to communication and even travel. There can b an outbreak of squabbles and petty disagreements so watch that you’re not acting on momentary irritations. This is sudden and fast energy that calls for being a defensive driver to avoid potential aggression or accidents. It grates on the nerves that cause feeling unsettled.

At 8:57 PM the Moon trine Saturn stabilizes the atmosphere and lends emotional support and the ability to keep going and gain ground step-by-step. Its energy of strength and maintaining what you have.

The lunar opposition to Neptune at 9:56 PM causes the senses to be off center and makes it easy to misunderstand what happens. It’s best to be thorough when involved or making decisions and it’s not the best time to commit to anything important. Matters are easily unclear.

Thursday, January 24, 2019
Moon in Virgo/Libra

Avoid indulgence and spending without first weighing cost while the Moon square Jupiter is active at 12:42 AM. It’s easy for people to become intense and go too far without reasonable cause so use scrutiny to make decisions. What looks promising may be false.

Mercury in Aquarius from 12:50 AM until February 10 opens you to big ideas and grand concepts through expansion of consciousness. Conversations may have an altruistic theme and include thoughts about the future. This benefits groups and anywhere there’s a need for a collective to work together. You may think outside-the-box and entertain unusual ideas.

While the Moon square Venus is active at 3:29 AM you could meet with obstacles and have conflicting goals. What may before was running smooth is now met with someone or something in the way. Energy can be wasted if you keep trying to remedy what’s already complicated.

The Moon trine Pluto at 8:51 AM lends confidence and helps you to feel empowered and strong. This ray of strength and conviction helps to forge ahead and make a strong stance or commitment. You have confidence and follow-through.

During the transit of the Moon through Libra from 11:03 PM until Sunday you tend to weigh everything to seek balance. There’s a need or interest in giving and taking to establish balance, and in some instances strong judgment can happen. You are called to think also of others and how their needs are part of your life.

Friday, January 25, 2019
Moon in Libra

You encounter more talk and stirring while the Moon trine Mercury is peaking at 1:57 AM that can turn out to be positive. This is a productive time when you gain understanding and can convey clear ideas to others. It’s easy to communicate and a good time to make travel plans.

The Moon trine the Sun at 7:49 AM supports work and activities overall. You have fortitude and can be accomplished in a number of ways. This benefits making contact with others and putting into place ideas and beginning projects.

Mars trine Jupiter at 12:55 PM boosts energy and stamina. You feel supported and strong and may want to launch something important to you. This helps to grow abundance and invest where gain is likely. Life eases and moves along in a good way. Applied energy to healing is stronger now.

The Moon square Saturn at 11:11 PM throws a cog in the wheel that can slow you or temporarily stop something you’re doing. Someone may be sullen and pessimistic and you may feel uneasy and lack motivation so take your time and avoid pushing yourself or anyone else.

Saturday, January 26, 2019
Moon in Libra

There’s easygoing energy while the Moon and Jupiter sextile at 3:24 AM. Good feelings and friendship can unfold where you enjoy the company of others and, there is warmth and positive exchange. It’s easy to move with ease toward a goal and its manifestation.

The opposition of the Moon and Mars at 3:57 AM causes seesaw emotions and flaring tempers so avoid those who’re acting out through emotion and are being irrational. This is a time to exercise patience and wait for a better time to engage with others.

All goes okay at 10:04 AM when the Moon and Venus sextile. It’s good energy for agreements and being supportive of others and it’s easy to find commonality and reasons to work in harmony.

The Moon square Pluto at 11:31 AM can cause ill mannered behavior and someone being a bully. There’s a tendency to go too far for power and self-indulgence so elect where possible to relax and do little so as to avoid negativity that could be intense.

Sunday, January 27, 2019
Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Sunday, January 27, 2019
Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Sudden impulses and mood swings are the result of the Moon opposite Uranus at 12:22 AM. People are moody and unpredictable so avoid involvement or being in a vicarious position. Something begun now may not have the energy to keep going.

The Moon in Scorpio from 2:32 AM until Tuesday of next week helps you to think deeply and thoroughly. You may harbor strong feelings and opinions that may need sorting through. You want depth and what is real rather than anything shallow or superficial.

The 1:00 PM Moon square Mercury angle causes contention and calls for a need not to be too involved with anything. Something can be misleading or not quite right that is offensive and makes you feel uneasy. Be conservative with all you do.

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio at 4:11 PM begins a week of sorting through very personal feelings and issues you’ve set aside or buried. This is a marker relating to the eclipse and the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius that reminds you of where you’ve become burdened and carry a heavy weight. It’s a good time to address your deepest emotions and perspective about life.

In Review (looking back):

January 14-20, 2019

Here We Go! Under the Rays of the Powerful Lunar Eclipse…
a Full Blood Super Lunar Eclipse in Leo

This is it! We’re barreling headlong into the full effect of the lunar eclipse just after midnight at the end of the week. Where an eclipse is visible it has a stronger effect and this one is over North America. The five eclipses this year are in the Capricorn-Cancer axis, except this one that makes it personal for everyone. Identity and individuality are brought forth and all Leo areas of life such as the entertainment field, artisans, recreational places, children, pets, the social sphere, romantic connections, desire for fulfillment and anywhere within career fields that there is a need to be visible and overt. The film industry is taking on a more prominent role in society as entertainers align with causes and even politically. Who someone is, famous and infamous, and all people (you) are reminded and feel the call to be more definitive. A previous Leo eclipse literally brought its animal ruler to the fore in international news when the lion, Cecil was shot and killed where he lived on a reserve and was very easy to corral and target. This eclipse is that significant and will bring in other areas of life and living as we are each prompted to think about whom we are and what kind of statement we’re making to the world. Your identity is important to recognize and hone for strength and conviction. Nobility and inner strength are areas for contemplation. 

Also happening now is the Sun moving into Aquarius on Sunday – just in time to form the lunar eclipse as it opposes the Moon. Understanding of your own psyche or what makes you tick is paramount to know and understand. Motivation is a powerful marker almost like a trend through the year.

Sunday, January 20, 2019, The Sun enters Aquarius at 4:00 AM for its annual transit until February 18. Group-think and seeing others views is easy during this cycle so the time is now to tap into the world and universe for those bigger answers. You are made aware of your own self and how you relate to the world and society.

Key words for the week:

Thorough; complete; adjust; review; depth; feelings; see; feel; consider; truth; profound

Affirmation for the week:

“I follow my truest desires toward fulfillment of my life mission.”

​If this month is any indicator of how time will move in 2019, then we seem to move faster than usual. Last year felt for many as it would never end and so far January has flown by in a blink of an eye. That there are already two eclipses is also markers of major shifts.

In Truth,

Next Week:

Venus moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn and three occultation’s of the Moon will occur to Venus, Saturn, and Pluto.


Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

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