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Celestial Compass for September 9-15, 2019
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Finalizing and Aligning Important Matters and 
Recognizing Your Mystical Connections

There is always mystery and intrigue with the Harvest Moon that suggests cooler weather and all kinds of celebrations are just around the corner. That golden sphere looming bright reminds us all of the mysteries of life and that there’s more happening as the unseen begins to move closer.

All this week the Sun and Mars fires up activity and helps to bring to a peak with the Full Harvest Moon what has been lingering for some time. On Saturday, the day of the lunar peak in Pisces both Mercury and Venus move into Libra that sets a new and more thorough pace for activities relating to partnerships, counsel and legal matters if that’s been brewing. This is a week of newness where you can realign with intention to refine your stance and restore balance where needed.

Times - Eastern Daylight Zone.

Monday, September 9, 2019
Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Mars trine Saturn at 12:13 AM is a workhorse vibration that benefits endurance and strength to get you to where you want and need to go. You are given a powerhouse of energy to sustain you and even support in various areas of life. This is a nice building block.

The Moon trine Venus at 12:30 AM rewards efforts to connect with others and grow friendships and close alliances. You can gain ground and have nice communication that furthers your social network. 

The Moon is in Aquarius from 5:24 PM until Thursday helps you to stay connected with the world around you and at the same time be objective and see the bigger picture. There is a desire to work with others and groups and find common ground while including your own original thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Moon in Aquarius

At 6:17 AM the Moon opposes Uranus you may feel unsettled and the atmosphere around you can be disrupted. Some are anxious while others act out of turn or have odd responses. This is a time to maintain simplicity and wait to tackle anything important.

Mercury conjunct Mars at 11:40 AM creates strong mental thoughts and urges. You may be thinking overtime and others may be overly busy with talk and busyness. Your mind can be sharp and yet you’re better to temper any impulse to bolt without thinking first.

The Moon sextile Mars at 1:12 PM is a pleasant flow of productive energy that also gives optimism and urges you to remain positive in your endeavors. This is energy that is also a feeling of hopefulness.

The Moon sextile Mercury at 1:21 PM aligns well with the previous ray in that it supports good mental acumen and adds good communication. This vibration benefits making good decisions.

At 1:58 PM the Moon sextile the Sun is a balance between what you think and what you feel. Much can be accomplished at this time that furthers efforts and goals.

When the Moon sextile Saturn peaks at 7:18 PM you feel and are stable and your thoughts are reasonable and logical that is useful for moving ahead and establishing a productive pattern that is enduring and reliable.

The Sun sextile Mercury at 9:40 PM offers strength and empowers your words and what you want to convey. It’s beneficial for contracts and agreements that you want to be long standing and also it lends a bit of flexibility for making change and progressing along your way.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Moon in Aquarius

The Moon sextile Jupiter at 1:22 AM gives mellow energy for whatever you need and it instills positivity. This is an easygoing vibration that is generous and helps you and others to take the high road.

Thursday, September 12, 2019
Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Mars square Jupiter at 5:06 AM suggests caution when spending or investing. This is about someone going too far and regretting it later so be mindful of urges and thinking things are grand when maybe it’s an illusion. Tread carefully.

At 5:52 AM the Moon goes into Pisces and is there until Saturday gives sensitivity to the environment and increases your intuition. You can easily tap into your surroundings and grasp subtle influences. The unseen world is closer as the veil is thinner.

The sextile of the Moon and Uranus at 6:27 PM sparks enthusiasm and eagerness to take the initiative and try something different. This helps you to think for yourself and hatch unique plans and ideas..

Friday, September 13, 2019
Moon in Pisces

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Not really a bad day at all and the strong lunar tide combined with Mercury and Venus are certainly okay.

The Moon sextile Saturn at 10:04 AM helps to be practical and stay on course for work and where reason is needed. You can maintain stability and have support as needed.

Mercury conjunct Venus at 11:12 AM is energy of delight and pleasantness. It’s easy to think good thoughts and feel good about connecting to others. There may be a lot of talk about entertainment and what makes you happy. It stimulates composing just the right communication or lyrics.

The lunar square to Jupiter at 2:35 PM can cause lack and feeling left out of something. Avoid being pushed to do something you prefer not to and maintain a simple approach overall to activities and even attitude.

The Sun and Pluto trine at 3:38 PM is empowerment and idealism. You can gain confidence and strength of conviction to sustain you where needed and you can successfully take a stand based on your beliefs. This is a strong ray of thoroughness where needed.

At 4:12 PM the Moon opposite Mars scrambles signals and causes disruption. Avoid being pulled into a fight or arguments that are not your own choice or that you actually care about. You may feel frayed and nerves an issue. Seek calm.

The Moon conjunct Neptune at 4:44 PM heightens psychic ability and makes it easy to tune into others and your surroundings. You are insightful and receive answers as sought. You are aware of the life force around you.

While the Moon sextile Pluto peaks at 11:49 PM you can accomplish much and keep going to the finish line. This is a positive aspect that gives focus and strength with clarity of purpose.

Saturday, September 14, 2019
Moon in Pisces/Aries

The Full Harvest Moon in Pisces that is the Moon opposite the Sun at 12:33 AM is a peak of energy from the last two weeks and now culminates in great sensitivity of your surroundings and others. You do best to complete projects by this time so that you can rest and review what you’ve done and accomplished.

Mars opposite Neptune at 1:26 AM suggests modesty with action and choices. Its energy of poisoning that can be a lie or other deception leading to negativity. Odd desires could emerge so, think carefully before indulging as something could not be as expected, or fantasized. 

Mercury enters Libra at 3:15 AM where it is until October 3 that benefits all legal work, contracts, attorneys and anyone in counseling profession. You may feel energized in relationships and how you work with the public. Orderliness is a key factor to maintain.

Venus also enters Libra at 9:43 AM and remains there until October 8 that instigates engagements, marriage and aligning in business. This is a harmonious placement as Venus is the natural ruler of Libra so is strengthened in the best way for creativity, romance, socializing and entertainment. 

At 6:32 PM the Moon begins to transit Aries where it is until Tuesday of next week that prods you to get up and get going. It’s energy of wanting to be first in line and ahead of everything and everyone. The ray is about stepping-up and leadership.

The Moon opposite Venus at 7:34 PM could make you feel less enthusiastic and you may want to retreat and take time to be alone. It’s not the best time for socializing or event planning as people are not as agreeable as usual.

The Moon opposite Mercury at 9:08 PM throws you off course and makes you want to do less. This also can create interest in being quiet and avoiding crowds or others in your circle. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019
Moon in Aries

The Moon square Saturn at 10:29 PM is about taking time to review what you’re doing and maybe spending alone time to restore vital energy. Avoid being stressed or rushed or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion.

​In Review (Looking Back)
September 2-8, 2019

The Guiding Light of the Universe Becomes Very Personal

When I think of so much Virgo I see a group of quilters gathered to work in unison to create something both beautiful and functional that is also nurturing in that the quilt warms and holds the energy of many hands. It’s the same for spinners who gather to make yarn and then turn it into garments and blankets. All Virgo activities are teachers, nurses, caretakers and all those in service going about their daily routines as the worker bees of society. This is a dimensional grid that blankets the planet wherein much happens not just by the visual eye but is happening dimensionally that can be sensed intuitively.

Mercury makes no less than five direct and major connections to other planets along with solar strengths and a lot of lunar movement that is an interconnected weave of emotion. All this with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius call for making an effort to bond where reasonable and find common ground. Visionary rays and beliefs are involved with how you choose to focus your attention and decide on intention.

You may notice pockets of time throughout the week where there is a concentration of angles that seem to bottle up and are intense, strong and call for attention.

Key words for the week:

Fulfillment; completion; blessings; harvest; align; balance

Affirmation for the week:

​“Realization is a key freedom of choice to reach higher toward the joy of fulfillment.”

Next Week:

Saturn is Stationary Direct in Capricorn, and there’s the Last Quarter Moon is in Gemini.


Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

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As last week, please excuse grammatical errors this week, too. Scheduling has been rushed so posting as is without editing though dates and times are accurate - just maybe sentence structure may be off.