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MAY, 2021

May 11
New Moon in Taurus

May 13,
Jupiter transits into Pisces

Sun enters Gemini

May​ 23,
Saturn is Retrograde

May 26,
Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

May 29,
Mercury is Retrograde
.​Your Celestial Compass for the Week of May 17-23, 2021

Taking a Leap of Faith onto a Dimensional 
Ribbon Between Worlds

Forging ahead with great gusto toward the upcoming lunar eclipse on May 26, and Jupiter now settled into Pisces, the Sun enters Gemini Thursday, all setting the scene for significant alignments that are both harmonizing and equally conflicting for some sectors of the world. On Monday the Sun trines Pluto along with the Moon opposing it and on Thursday the Sun squares Jupiter bringing forward strong a impulse mixed with challenge of beliefs. Everything is set in a kind of swirling chaos due to Saturn paused to retrograde on Sunday that is a push-pull vibration. 

You’re asked to make decisions and also to choose between what you think and what you believe that don’t always match. There is insight streaming from the midweek planet trine between Venus and Saturn. You may have second thoughts or second guess your impulse to take action or might move toward where you feel compelled to go. Taking a stand for a cause or belief or taking a path of true meaning and purpose is part of the process. 

The Sun in Gemini for a month is like a road sign pointing toward a path you feel strong about yet realize it encompasses the unknown. There are cosmic signals prompting psychic messages about what you need or want to do that directs toward fulfillment of a mission or greater aspect of your life. 

The significance of this week hinges on the reality that there’s the upcoming eclipse, Saturn retrograding, the Sun, and Mercury retrograde in Gemini. It’s a complex roadmap of decisions, action, finding conviction and taking a leap of faith. 

  • Monday, May 17, Moon in Cancer/Leo
  • Tuesday, May 18, Moon in Leo
  • Wednesday, May 19, Moon in Leo/Virgo
  • Thursday, May 20, Moon in Virgo; Sun in Gemini
  • Friday, May 21, Moon in Virgo/Libra
  • Saturday, May 22, Moon in Libra
  • Sunday, May 23, Moon in Libra/ Scorpio; Saturn Retrograde

The higher octave of Gemini, the Suns placement for the next month, opens the fourth dimension that is the space between the physical plane and other realms. Reflection of both this earthly life and the spirit plane allows you to connect and so expanding consciousness by observation. Right now, with the onset of eclipse energy you have an opportunity to perceive and comprehend both what’s happening and higher intentions and purposes. 

Mercury, the ruling planet of the sign is the generator and doorway to the fourth dimension that is like a walkway made of light and sound providing you with the ability to gain knowledge and wisdom, and other aspects of awareness based on where you are in your own life and what you want to do and know. Connecting to your own inner dialogue, journaling, paying attention to synchronistic events and your intuition is powerful now for your own evolvement and progress.

​Key words for the week:

Perception; sense; realize; duality; path; hear; light

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

“My earthly life aligns with my higher consciousness that journeys beyond everyday thoughts into greater awareness.”

In Review: (looking back - a brief synopsis of the previous column):

May 10-16, 2021
The Richness of Life both in the Outer World and Within

Excitement begins with the onset of the growing lunar tide that ignites the beginning of eclipse energy happening May 26. Tuesday is the Taurus New Moon bringing focus for the next two week on monetary matters and worth. There’s focus on values of things and how to invest now and during the rest of the year. This, and next week, is helpful for reevaluating your outer life and ways you manage finances, and inwardly it’s a good time to give thought to your personal values. The outer world reflects those inner concepts and beliefs such as esteem and worthiness that too often leads to self-judgment.

The idea of personal judgment is accentuated by Jupiter transiting into Pisces on Thursday where it will be until December 20, 2022, with the exception of retrograding back into Aquarius between July 28 and October 28, 2021. This is also part of the energy of the lunar cycle that increases over time and leads to further monitoring and taking into consideration how you perceive yourself and communicate that in your environment. 

This is outward expansion as it influences legal matters and major interactions in the bigger arena of governments and the world. People will strive, and in some instances struggle to find reason and justification for what has, is, and will potentially happen. Travel will be in the news as will what’s sanctioned and where everything falls in relation to the judicial system. International laws and even the United Nations will be more upfront to benefit ways the world will manage and keep going.

 Religions are more in the forefront to offer service to the world. Jupiter is strong in Pisces because it used to be the ruling planet before Neptune was discovered and took its place. This is a powerful aspect of spirituality and knowing where Pisces is placed in your personal chart gives additional insight.

On Tuesday, Mars and Uranus sextile which is nice for having an extra boost of energy and it can help you to take the initiative. Added energy promotes enthusiasm to plan.

You can have solid plans and ideas forming through Mercury trine Saturn on Wednesday as well as conversations about long-term matters and ways to put into place a concept. Thursday is about intuition and creativity resulting from the Sun sextile Neptune.

​What's Ahead - Next week:

There’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde.

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