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Take UT and add or subtract the following hours listed.
Minus ( - ) means to subtract;
Plus ( + ) means to add in relation to GMT and UT time.

Example: When it is noon is England it's 9 PM in Japan.

Check your local area for Daylight Savings & Summer Times

International Date Line East (IDLE) + 12 hours
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) + 12 hours
New Zealand Time (NZT) +12 hours
Guam Standard Time (GST) + 10 hours
East Australian Standard Time (EAST) +10 hours
Japan Standard Time (JST)  +9 hours
China Coast Time (CCT) + 8 hours
West Australian Standard Time (WAST) + 7 hours
India Standard Time (IST) + 5.5 hours
Russian Zone 3 + 4 hours
Baghdad Time (BT) + 3 hours
Russian Zone 2 + 3 hours
Eastern European Time (EET) + 2 hours
Russian Zone 1 + 2 hours
Central European Time (CET) + 1 hour
Middle European Time (MET) + 1 hour
Swedish Winter Time (SWT) +1 hour
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 0 hour
Universal Time (UT) 0 hour
Western European Time (WET) 0 hour
West African Time (WAT) - 1 hour
Atlantic Standard Time (AST) - 4 hours
Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 5 hours
Central Standard Time (CST) - 6 hours
Mountain Standard Time (MST) - 7 hours
Pacific Standard Time (PST) - 8 hours
Alaskan Standard Time (AkST) - 9 hours
Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) - 10 hours
International Date Line West (IDLW) - 12 hours

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Happy New Year!
The Sun Moves into Aries Launching the Great Cycle of Rebirth

Midweek, on the day of the Full Moon in Libra is the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters Aries at 0 degrees that begins the zodiacal New Year. Mercury retrograde in Pisces angles to Saturn and Neptune creates intriguing ideas and stories that may to some degree be fanciful and “creative.” Venus in Aquarius angles to Mars and Jupiter usher in unique interests and desires that may not be overtly noticed but at the least is an undercurrent compelling many to align with the Mercury energy, resulting in unusual ideologies and trends. The day of the equinox is a powerful time to initiate new beginnings and establish plans and declarations that you want to last throughout the year and into 2020. 

Monday, March 18, 2019
Moon in Leo/Virgo

​The Moon opposite Venus at 5:28 AM cause feelings and desires to be in conflict that throws balance out the window. This is not a good time to engage romantically or attempt to influence anyone personally. It’s best to keep life simple right now.

At 8:06 AM the Moon square Mars is challenging. You may feel uneasy and easily stirred to anger or become unsettled. Emotions are sensitized that makes it difficult to come to terms with others, so allow this time to pass before trying to enforce anything. 

While the Moon trine Jupiter is active at 11:19 AM you can expand on the positive and gain ground as you choose. This is an upbeat time when optimism helps to bring harmony and make life easygoing. It’s a nice time to connect with others and work in areas where you want a generous spirit.

The Moon in Virgo from 9:42 PM until Wednesday helps to manage and maintain order and discipline. This is the ray of work and duty helping you to stay on track and keep moving in a practical direction. You may be aware of how you feel so want to ensure you’re maintaining a good health routine.

The Moon trine Uranus at 10:40 PM is a wildcard with a positive twist. While exciting and adventurous you may be inspired that can turn out to be a nice decision. You are helped to think originally and can bring forth a new idea.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Moon in Virgo

.While there are no exact lunar or planet angles during this twenty-four hour cycle, there is plenty of energy to work with from yesterday and tomorrow, including today’s lunar placement in Virgo. We’re approaching the Moon opposite Neptune just after midnight (Wednesday) that gives cause today to contemplate and work with subtle energies and the current Mercury Retrograde cycle that is about rethinking what you’re doing. This is a good day to go over decisions and with the Virgo energy, to go over details you’ve established and discern how they’re working for you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Moon in Virgo/Libra

The Moon opposite Neptune at 12:13 AM distorts your ability to see clearly and it may cause deception or misunderstanding. This is not a time to trust anyone or anything that is unreasonable or seems too fanciful. Take a conservative approach anywhere you could be at risk.

A building block to keep going or establish precedence is the Moon trine Saturn at 4:16 AM. There’s stability and reliability to assist you with work and tasks. The energy is reliable.

At 4:35 AM the Moon opposite Mercury causes a stumbling block for communication and can also cause misalignment that result in challenge or difficulty. This is best used for finishing up rather than beginning anything.

The Mars to Pluto trine at 7:35 AM is strong positive energy that helps to get over a lull or advance anywhere you need proactive rays to get you into the express lane of activity. This leads to empowerment and self-reliance where you feel your strength and can see the end of the road.

Confidence comes from the Moon trine Pluto at 10:04 AM. You can maintain or build where you are in the moment. This gives a positive outlook to keep you moving in the right direction.

At 10:11 AM the Moon trine Mars fuels you with extra energy to carry you forward in a good way. There is added enthusiasm that is its own kind of strength to sustain you and help you.

Mercury sextile Saturn at 10:27 AM is great for establishing something important that you want to be lasting. This helps to confirm commitments and secure contracts for the long-term. What is said and done has reliability so making connections are favored. 

At 11:22 M while the Moon is square Jupiter it’s best to use caution when spending or investing. This could cause over-spending or investing in something that may not be worth it. Review ideas and wait to make important decisions until this time has passed.

The Sun enters Aries at 5:59 PM where it will be until April 20. This is the start of the annual solar return and start of its journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac. It’s the Vernal, or Spring Equinox that begins spring and nature’s thaw from the long winter. Many animals will nest and continue perpetuation of their species and trees, flowers and fauna will bloom. This is a time of planetary renewal that is powerful for attuning with it and all of nature to restore your goals and dreams, and move into alignment with growth and renewal of life. The time is strong catalos for new beginnings and refining your greater life mission. Celebrations will take place throughout the world to honor this great life force. You can focus on anything from something personal to sending out healing and blessings to the planet. Connecting to your beliefs is a way to begin.

The Moon is in Libra from 9:28 PM until Friday that prods finding balance and harmony. This can push you to address issues and seek resolution which for some may be compromise. The goal is ideally for peace and for matters to be settled.

The Full Moon in Libra is at 9:43 PM that intensifies the already strong energetic day as it brings to a peak the last two weeks of growth since the New Moon in Pisces March 6. Hopefully by now you have a few things in place and can revel in the great time of joy and recognition of continuing life.

Thursday, March 21, 2019
Moon in Libra

Venus writes on the slate of activities today.

At 4:08 AM Venus square Mars can cause being unsettled and unfulfilled if you attempt to connect with someone or further a relationship. Relationships are on edge and socializing may not go well. This could disrupt gatherings and anywhere you want to connect with family or friends.

Venus sextile Jupiter at 10:17 AM is a building block for a number of things and just about anywhere you want to grow and move forward. Benefits and quality are the energies that are instilled in what you do. This as well helps you to be at peace and come to terms to achieve harmony and even joy.

Friday, March 22, 2019
Moon in Libra/Scorpio

​A snag happens when the Moon and Saturn square at 4:39 AM. This can slow or stop progress due to a tangible problem or feeling despondent and out-of-sorts. It’s best to coast and not try to push anything right now.

While the Moon is square Pluto at 10:30 AM you might experience a harsh reality and someone may show an ugly side of their nature that causes you to step back. Walk away from subversive situations and avoid any urge to go too far. 

The Moon sextile Jupiter at 11:59 AM eases and promotes good feelings in the atmosphere. You can have good experiences and accomplish much. There is growth and easy progress with small steps.

At 2:11 PM the Moon trine Venus makes it easy for all to get along and work together. This easygoing energy provides opportunity and mellow attitudes that benefit across the board in most circumstances.

The Moon is in Scorpio from 10:17 PM until Monday of next week and takes you deep into thought about the meaning of life and all ramifications of more serious matters. Plots thicken and you may want to seek answers and find solutions. This is about investigation and discovery.

The opposition of the Moon and Uranus at 11:38 PM can cause mood swings and people to behave erratically so be mindful of any urge to act out without thinking first of the consequences. This is not the time to try to match someone who challenges you.

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Moon in Scorpio

With no exact lunar and planet angles today it’s wise to delve into the Moon in Scorpio energy and invest serious thought about your deepest desires and how you’re weaving them into the fabric of your lifestyle. Meditate and think about motivation and how you may be influenced subliminally by them so that you can ensure you’re being empowered and not debilitated.

Sunday, March 24, 2019
Moon in Scorpio

The lunar trine to Neptune at 2:51 AM is good for tuning into others and your surroundings with accurate perception. This helps to know what’s needed and how to understand more fully what others intend. You’re more aware that benefits creativity.

The Moon trine Mercury at 3:11 AM helps to be expressive in a good way with clarity and ability to get your point across. This is nice for making travel plans and tending to details. It also benefits work and taking care of duties.

The 7:26 AM Moon trine Saturn reinforces work and anything you’re doing. This gives strength and fortitude that sustains you and any project you’re establishing. It’s energy of endurance and maintenance.

Mercury conjunct Neptune at 1:28 PM intensifies dreams and the meditative state. Doors to other dimensions easily open for you to perceive intuitive information and insight. This is very helpful for all artisans that can usher in intriguing and great ideas.

While the Moon and Pluto sextile at 1:31 PM you have confidence and can be sure about what you are doing or want to do. This is an angle of strength wherein you rely on your own empowerment and knowledge.

Be cautious while the Moon and Mars oppose at 6:39 PM due to the unpredictable feelings and energy around you. Matters can be off course and the environment volatile. Use caution and don’t take risks.

The Moon square Venus at 10:25 PM can cause conflicting goals and not getting along with someone. It’s better to go slow or wait for a better time to engage with others or attempt to make plans.

​In Review (Looking Back)

March 11-17, 2019
Distraction and Discourse Swirl in the March Winds

The Pisces Sun makes prominent angles this week that increases the impulse to reach out, communicate, and maybe take a stand as Mercury and Mars are also involved with the dynamic. Adding to that is the First Quarter Moon is in Gemini that certainly calls for noticing what’s being said and done all around you.

Even with swift moving activity and swirling news and social media you can find your center and ground so that you’re not swept away with others ideas and intentions. It’s like being at sea when a storm arrives and you batten down the hatches and ride it out. That’s happening to a degree and yet within there’s always the anchor that keeps you focused so your own barometer is set for your own right direction. This is the message of the Gemini Quarter Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Pluto that prods thinking with diligence.

Key energy to consider is flexibility and realization that you have some choices. Where you have choice may not be readily noticed but it’s with and through those small things such as the simple act of muting a commercial to take a break from the bombardment of attempted coercion to buy something or the suggestion that you need a certain medication that can begin to make a difference. All have necessary things to do and usually at maximum load so anywhere you can alleviate small things that zap your energy the more you’ve cleared space and time to incorporate what you want to do. The theme is active versus reactive.

Key words for the week:

​Birth; rebirth; rejuvenate; newness; resurrection; power; pioneer; originality; independence

Affirmation for the week:

“My soul aligns with the planet and cosmos to birth my individual purpose.

Next Week:

Mercury is Direct in Pisces, Venus moves from Aquarius into Pisces and Mars goes into Gemini.

Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

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