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.​Your Celestial Compass for the Week of 
October 18-24, 2021

This busy week for cosmic events shifts consciousness in both direct and subtle ways so the more you can work with the energy in a timely manner the greater the benefit. Being in alignment with the greater order of the universe is the goal of knowing about it all that helps to be more aligned.

Most have been looking forward to Mercury moving out of retrograde, and it’s here at last! As of Monday this three week cycle ends that allows for more progressive action and benefit from decisions. Keep in mind that it’s a slow crawl though it does allows for plenty of options and confidence that what you do has a good chance of turning out well. 

Also moving away from retrograde into direct motion is Jupiter in Aquarius that shifts direction also on Monday, easing controversy and any stalemate or blocks financially. Feelings about others and how you’ve aligned through friendships and group associations is better positioned for harmony. Optimism and faith begin to increase.

Midweek, on Wednesday is the Full Moon in Aries, so all week until midmorning that day the rays of increase and growth are strong. Until then is great for planting seeds and establishing new beginnings, especially as the cycle is in Aries that promotes taking the initiative.

  • Monday, October 18, Moon in Pisces/Aries; Mercury Direct; Jupiter Direct
  • Tuesday, October 19, Moon in Aries 
  • Wednesday, October 20, Full Moon in Aries/Taurus
  • Thursday, October 21, Moon in Taurus
  • Friday, October 22, Moon in Taurus
  • Saturday, October 23, Moon in Taurus/Gemini; Sun in Scorpio
  • Sunday, October 24, Moon in Gemini

Key words for the week:

​Sense; depth; significance; power

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

​“Everyday I’m more and more aware of my place in the universe.”

Next Week: 

​Mars transits into Scorpio.
All times Eastern

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