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Your Celestial Compass for July 4-10, 2022
Sandra Helton (Copyright 2022)

Mars is still on the move creating strong currents of action and emotion with a shift of energy on Tuesday when it transits into Taurus where it will be until August 21. 

Also on Tuesday Mercury begins transiting through Cancer until July 19 and both Mars and Mercury sextile that sets a nice pace to help you with direction and to have the gusto to follow through. 

Assisting this is the Quarter Moon in Libra on Wednesday that carries the energy forward until the next Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13. This launches a week to rework and refine how you connect with others, partnerships and dealing with the public.

Mars in Taurus activates everything to do with money that includes income, your financial picture, as well as valuable items that you treasure. Many will be going over everything related to financing and how to work on a better financial plan. 

Mercury in Cancer causes more activity at home and with family as well as those with whom you have a personal bond. There’s more talk and communication and interest in diving more into your personal life history. Mars and Mercury combined urge you to make your home a base and center of your life.

The Sun sextile Uranus on Sunday is progressive energy for helping to take the initiative and express innovation and originality that’s likely to help you during the rest of the month. 

  • Monday, July 4, Moon in Virgo
  • Tuesday, July 5, Moon in Virgo/Libra
  • Wednesday, July 6, Moon in Libra
  • Thursday, July 7, Moon in Libra
  • Friday, July 8, Moon in Libra/Scorpio
  • Saturday, July 9, Moon in Scorpio
  • Sunday, July 10, Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

Key words for the week:

​Extend; build; growth

Affirmation for the week:

(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements in the heavens.)

“I choose to rebuild upon my best attributes and abilities toward great accomplishments.”


Additional insights:

, May 10, Jupiter moves into Aries where it remains until October 28 that revs up ideas and goals with the aim of advancing ideals that in general is good unless you tend to be impulsive and then there might be a tendency to overshoot. This is also about money that instigates spending and taking the initiative even if a bit risky. Gambling isn’t the way to go unless you’re willing to believe in what you’re doing either way it goes. New projects and your independence are important though keep in mind the influence of the solar and lunar eclipse axis in Taurus and Scorpio that’s also about finances and Mercury’s involvement. Much can be done with conviction and looking at the long-term process.

Mars is in Aries from May 24 to July 5 that is a positive and strong placement for energy and being fortified with strength. This is a forthright vibration that benefits taking direct action in a grander way that usual.