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APRIL, 2021

​April 3,
Mercury in Aries

April 4th
Fourth Quarter Moon

April 11,
New Moon in Aries

April 14,
Venus in Taurus

April 19
Sun in Taurus

April 19,
Mercury in Taurus

April 20,
Second Quarter Moon

April 23,
Mars in Cancer

April 26,
Full Moon in Scorpio

April 27,
Pluto Retrograde

.Your Celestial Compass for April 19-25, 2021

Grace and Harmony are Possible

​Happy Birthday Taurus! Your solar cycle begins Monday, April 19 at 4:33 PM giving you a great month to forge ahead with the generous rays of the Sun.

For all, this cycle of Taurus is a gentle reminder of how you’re doing in life relating to finances and accumulation of wealth and worth. Focus shifts to more tangible things and what you want to do to be prosperous. As well, where and how you experience peace is important to bolster and explore. 

Along with the Sun, Mercury moves into Taurus on the same day at 6:29 AM, bringing opportunity to have easygoing communication and a more idyllic atmosphere. You may want to venture out with entertainment and enjoying life as well as seeking harmony in general. The Sun and Mercury are quite close in the solar system yet not always so positively aligned as now.

Venus is in Taurus and also Uranus that together with the Sun and Mercury make this an interesting time. Greater appreciation for art, creativity and things that provide joy and happiness are sought as necessities to soothe the spirit and help recognition of that aspect within you – the gentle spirit of peace and harmony. The symbol of a grazing bull expresses the energy very well as the sign is also of the earth element and what is coined, fixed, meaning tenacious, steadfast and maybe sometime willful. 

On Friday, Mars transits into Cancer, harmonizing nicely with the Taurus grouping so overall energy flows well right up until the Full Moon on April 26. This placement is likely to spark interest in sprucing up your home and doing more there that is enjoyable and benefits a sense of freedom. You may work more within the home, begin an exercise routine or activities like redecorating or renovation. Whatever you do will have a goal of enjoying your home and making it more comfortable. Family and those with whom you feel close are accentuated that brings interest in furthering those relationships and finding ways to connect.

Tuesday, the day of the Second Quarter Moon in Leo, along with Wednesday is sensitive due to numerous lunar squares and an opposition so as possible lessen your load and find ways to avoid rushing or doing too much that could be stressful. 

Venus conjunct Uranus on Thursday is unusual energy where things could happen fast, people can change their minds about commitments, plans could be cancelled or matters are just odd and quirky. 

Saturday and Sunday, Mercury is conjunct Uranus and Venus is square Saturn that’s not the best for planning or expectation of everything going well. Something can be held up and complications arise.

  • Monday, April 19, Moon in Cancer; the Sun and Mercury in Taurus
  • Tuesday, April 20, Moon in Cancer/Leo
  • Wednesday, April 21, Moon in Leo
  • Thursday, April 22, Moon in Leo/Virgo
  • Friday, April 23, Moon in Virgo
  • Saturday, April 24, Moon in Virgo/Libra
  • Sunday, April 25, Moon in Libra

​Key words for the week:

Blend; gather; rebuild; harmonize; family; home; comfort; pleasantries; grace

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

“My connection to the greater universe of peace and harmony resonates more fully in my life.”

In Review: (looking back - a brief synopsis of the previous column):

​April 12-18, 2021

A Strong Lunar Tide is Enhanced by Mercury, Venus and Mars

The New Moon in Taurus peaking at 10:31 PM ET, April 11 is now fully underway with very bright rays making the week strong and reinforced by Venus in Taurus beginning Wednesday, where it will be for the rest of the month. Taurus is about income, what is valuable to you, and esthetics. 

That the ruler of Taurus, Venus will be in the sign is great reinforcement for manifesting and being creative toward increase of needs and wants. 

Mercury in Aries still activates a pioneering spirit to take the initiative and keep going. On Saturday, Mercury aligns directly with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto and on Sunday it conjuncts the Sun giving definitive focus and the ability to forge ahead toward a goal. The increasing lunar light moving from Aries through Cancer during the week benefits personal goals. 

Both the Sun and Mercury squaring Pluto on Friday and Saturday benefits being able to see truths as stark realities come to the fore that, while feeling harsh is good so you know from where contention arises and what issues are in the works, be they from within or from others – communication is involved that’s your own thoughts as well as the flow of information from varying sources. 

Mars sextile by the Sun on Tuesday and trine Jupiter Saturday helps to maintain energy needed in any area where you want to go forward. You can be more determined and achieve success.

The downfall of Taurus the ray is vanity and affectation while the elevation of it is modesty and humbleness.

The downfall of the Aries ray is aggression and selfish while the elevation of it is harmless and noble.

This week blends both signs that call for embracing the higher octave of knighthood. Energy is growing and strength is building that may be applied as you need, such as toward a personal goal and/or to assist what in the world you feel an affinity.

​What's Ahead - Next week:

The Full Moon is in Scorpio and Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn.
All times Eastern