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Celestial Compass for July 22-28, 2019
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Rethink, Shift Gears and Get in Sync for the Days Ahead

This can be a turning point for matters that have been jumbled and convoluted. Throughout the week you can realize more about nuances and issues that beginning with the Last Quarter Moon can be sorted out and smoothed. Learning where you fit into the scheme of social circles and personal interests helps to positively connect and lessen superficial encounters. You may also take this week to sort through the higher meaning of your lifestyle and begin to acknowledge more what you value and want to pursue in the days ahead.

Times - Eastern Daylight Zone.

Monday, July 22, 2019
Moon in Pisces/Aries

The Moon trine Mercury at 1:59 AM is good for expressing your feelings and personal ideas that are more easily understood. There is energy to work through where you need to refine something or reinvest an aspect of life. 

The Moon trine the Sun at 4:35 AM helps to balance intention and deed that leads to success. This is a harmonious ray for gaining ground and expectation of all working out favorably where you want and need it. You can make beneficial and positive contacts.

While the Moon is in Aries from 6:03 AM until Wednesday prods you to take the initiative and act on impulse to make a difference and get going. This ray of leadership and beginnings gives you enthusiasm to make an effort and accept challenges.

Leo is here! The Sun goes into Leo at 10:51 PM that is here for a week and benefiting any need to become more authentic and eager. Accepting truths and recognizing your strengths goes a long way toward fulfilling goals and becoming more of what you want and intend to. The vibration is also about children, creativity and socializing or romance. Seek places and people where you experience joy and let that be a guide of learning more about your needs and interests.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Moon in Aries

At 9:35 AM the lunar trine to Mars charges the atmosphere with extra energy to use as you want and need. Everything from feeling enthusiastic to taking action easily leads to success. There’s added strength and power to take the initiative so give thought to what you want to accomplish.

The trine between the Moon and Jupiter at 12:15 PM expands consciousness and eases distress. Hope is renewed and it’s easy to see potential. This upbeat energy helps you to feel at ease and encourages you to reach out and expand your circle of acquaintances. This is a supportive vibration where needed.

There can be delay or a setback when the Moon is square Saturn at 2:32 PM. Someone might be sullen and negative so strive to hold a positive attitude. This will pass so avoid falling too deeply into the negative.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Moon in Aries/Taurus

There is a strong current that feels like it’s pulling you into negativity due to the Moon square Pluto at 1:21 AM. Someone may be skulking and have ill-will so avoid those with that intention. This is a time when there can be secret plots and unsavory ideas that you may not like. Certainly it’s not the time to push yourself into a situation or exert a strong will that may not be well received.

The Moon square Venus at 9:14 AM can disrupt socializing and even cause a cancellation or broken engagement. Goals conflict as many don’t see or want the same thing. It isn’t the best time to make personal commitments that you want to last.

You may rethink things while the Moon is square Mercury at 10:49 AM. This is disruptive energy for the mind and could also be the same for travel and plans. Take your time to avoid mistakes.

The Moon transits Taurus from 5:44 PM until Saturday that helps you to ease into a simpler lifestyle where you prefer what genuinely matters over being busy or excessive. This helps if you need to ground and assess your lifestyle.

Mercury conjunct Venus at 8:27 PM revs up ideas and your creative spirit. You think ideally and can connect with others in several ways that is clear and enjoyable. This adds to enjoyments of entertainment and aspects of life that you love. There can be great conversations with someone close to you.

The Last Quarter Moon at 9:19 PM lasting until July 31is in Taurus that activates awareness of money matters, income and various financial dealings. It’s good to keep a keen eye on it all to ensure all is in good order. You may discover a need to shore up loose ends and cut out unnecessary costs through banking or investing. Inwardly you explore your sense of personal values and self-worth.

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Moon in Taurus

The conjunction at 6:18 AM of the Moon and Uranus sparks your mind with quick ideas and unusual concepts. The sudden flashes can be anything from psychic insight to new inventions so it’s good to pay attention and note what you sense is sparks of inspiration.

Mars trine Jupiter at 8:23 AM is excellent for manifesting abundance and moving forward toward something positive and rewarding. This accelerates your mind and expands interests. Something can grow and be very enjoyable. It’s a time to go the distance.

At 11:13 PM the Moon square Mars gives edginess so you could experience nervousness or be around someone who is. This is fragmentation that causes something to be cut short of completion. Expect little right now and wait for a better time to take action.

Friday, July 26, 2019
Moon in Taurus

The Moon trine Saturn at 12:30 AM gives stability and a reliable atmosphere wherein you can establish trust and ways to move forward. There is methodical thinking and forethought to help you to be successful. This instills sureness.

Creativity and intuition are pronounced through the Moon sextile Neptune at 5:00 AM. Dreams can be enhanced as well as meditations during which you receive very nice insight. Spiritual deeds are done without thought of payback and for the sake of generosity and kindness.

The Moon trine Pluto at 10:58 AM lends strength and focus. This is great for taking the initiative and launching forward with the bigger plans and ideas you have. You are given advantage of being empowered.

At 5:45 PM the Moon sextile Mercury helps to have good conversations and makes your point known. Communication flows and can be beneficial. 

Saturday, July 27, 2019
Moon in Taurus/Gemini

The sextile of the Moon and Venus peaking at 12:29 AM soothes the spirit and allows you to rest into a calm state. This is nice for agreements and finding commonality with another. Mutual investment can be based on trust and seeing similar views.

While the Moon is in Gemini from 2:30 AM until next Monday there is added energy for taking the initiative and gaining ground with ideas and plans. Avoid being scattered by having an idea of what you want to do with your energy and being more on the go. This can be a busy time.

Nice rays emit from the Moon sextile the Sun at 10:17 AM. There is a soothing quality within it that allows you to coast along toward something you want to complete. Harmony is a key element.

Venus is in Leo from 9:54 PM until August 18 that adds spark to romance and gives eagerness to be more involved socially. Interests are enhanced and you’re more inclined to indulge in what you really want to do that is entertaining and enjoyable. There are benefits for children and also for the entertainment field. Some become quite showy.

Sunday, July 28, 2019
Moon in Gemini

The lunar opposition to Jupiter at 5:09 AM causes exaggeration and potential to go too far so take care about decisions and consider consequences. Matters can swing back and forth so the atmosphere is unreliable. Avoid rushing with what seems like a great idea.

There is ease and consistency with the Moon sextile Mars at 8:46 AM so is good for initiating a plan. You have balanced energy to keep you moving is a forward direction. It’s easy to get into the spirit of things and enjoy your surroundings.

Avoid acting on impulse while the Moon square Neptune is active at 11:25 AM. There can be deception and mirages popup that distracts you from facts. Take everything with a grain of salt to avoid negative entanglements. 

​In Review (Looking Back)

July 15-21, 2019

The Lunar Eclipse of Structure and Building

And so it’s here, the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn following the recent Solar Eclipse in the opposite sign Cancer on July 2. This is a strong vibration due to additional planet influences as the Moon occulting both Saturn and Pluto while it opposes the Sun. At the least it’s a strong pull on emotion and outwardly there can be a number of reactions that has everyone feeling more than usually morose. This ray also affects government and government leaders as has been a strong influence all year and will continue to be that keeps pulling everyone to notice a myriad of events and circumstances that take time to sort out. As the week rolls on the Sun will connect to Mercury Retrograde when it reverses from Leo back in Cancer. This calls for being mindful and diligent when making decisions and taking steps to go forward. Setbacks are possible that cause disruption unless you’re giving yourself leeway and options. This month of eclipse energy pulls in the retrograde planet, Mercury at a pivotal point and as the month concludes July 31 there’s a second New Moon called a Black Moon. There’s a mystical element to all that happens if you take time to tap into it and use your senses to glean subtle intuitive messages.​

Key words for the week:

​Values; honor; complete; abundance; peace

Affirmation for the week:

​“The universe provides positive abundance for body, mind, and spirit.

Next Week:

​Mercury turns direct and there’s a Black Moon in Leo.


Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

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As last week, please excuse grammatical errors this week, too. Scheduling has been rushed so posting as is without editing though dates and times are accurate - just maybe sentence structure may be off.