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Your Celestial Compass for August 8-14, 2022
Sandra Helton (Copyright 2022)

​Much has been talked about regarding the Lion’s Gate which is basically the date, August 8 because it’s a double eight, the eighth month and the eighth day of the month. Being in the sign Leo adds to the idea of significance as does that fact that we’re coming out of the Dog Days of summer that is actually a time cycle honored in ancient Egypt when the Nile River overflowed that led to abundant crops and harvesting. During that time too was the rising of the star Sirius, important in ancient Egyptian beliefs so it was an all systems go for enjoying and honoring life. My personal view is that while there is certainly a specific energy to the 8-8 vibration, it’s for each to attune and see how you resonate individually with it and if you do you may receive knowledge that resonates with your own spiritual journey. This could be said is true of all the months, as with January 1 being 1-1, February 2 being 2-2, March 3 being 3-3 and so on. If you’re drawn to tune into the Lion’s Gate you may be delightfully surprised and if you don’t feel the connection then it would be another celestial cycle that’s more harmonious for you.

We have another and final for the year Super Moon on Thursday peaking at 9:36 PM Eastern Time in Aquarius that’s a counter balance with Leo. The feeling is strong due to the Moon being the fourth in a row of “super” energy and aligned with stars, and as well Venus goes into Leo the same day. 

Leo relates to the soul and the heart so meditating and taking time to attune to this peak benefits personal empowerment.

Venus will be in Leo from Thursday until September 5 that draws many to indulge in personal interests. What you enjoy is likely to feel and be more important. There will be a boom in all aspects of entertainment from amusement parks such as Disney to concerts that easily draw packed crowds. People plan more elaborate weddings and events and even purchasing increases. There may be a run on jewelry and whatever thrills and tantalizes. Esoterically, this is a time when you sense your own mission to manifest from a soul perspective.

  • Monday, August 8, Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn
  • Tuesday, August 9, Moon in Capricorn
  • Wednesday, August 10, Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius
  • Thursday, August 11, Moon in Aquarius
  • Friday, August 12, Moon in Aquarius/Pisces
  • Saturday, August 13, Moon in Pisces
  • Sunday, August 14, Moon in Pisces/Aries

Key words for the week:

Complete; fulfill; passion; joy

Affirmation for the week:

(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements in the heavens.)

“Divine order guides all aspects of my life that leads me on my ultimate and highest path of fulfillment.”

​In Review:

On Thursday Mercury moves in Virgo where it will transit until August 25, and as ruler of the sign is well placed and strong. It lends positive progress for all matters pertaining to work and daily life management as well as it gives greater ability to build stamina and personal strength. There’s more activity to contend with though likely to be beneficial.

The Quarter Moon in Scorpio marks the midpoint between the New Moon in Leo last week and the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11. All three signs, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are of the fixed element that unfolds stern energy to contend with and also gives a kind of strength in the way of determination. You’re inclined to follow-through and keep going with tenacity toward what you want to be lasting. Deep thoughts and a serious mindset help to focus on needs and preferences. Allow yourself time to refine what you do so that you maintain the right focus for the best reasons.

Throughout the week Mars holds your attention toward determination to do something your own way. Monday brings Mars conjunct Uranus that is exciting and creates an unpredictable environment so, be aware of sudden and unexpected events and even attitudes. 

Sunday has Mars and Saturn square so you may experience frustration or something in the way of being able to advance at a good pace. This is energy of blocks that can happen in any form from a circumstance or a person.

Tuesday is a bonus day with Venus sextile Uranus and Mars that are positive energies, especially for anything you want to achieve in your personal life. There’s abundant energy and excitement that’s great where you want to be more outgoing and take the initiative. Eagerness and interest in breakout activities are just part of these encouraging rays. You can hatch something new and original and also feel the impetus to go forward and establish a new beginning for something you feel good about. 

Venus sextile Neptune on Sunday further instills importance of dreams and ideals for moving ahead with goals.​
Additional insights:

, May 10, Jupiter moves into Aries where it remains until October 28 that revs up ideas and goals with the aim of advancing ideals that in general is good unless you tend to be impulsive and then there might be a tendency to overshoot. This is also about money that instigates spending and taking the initiative even if a bit risky. Gambling isn’t the way to go unless you’re willing to believe in what you’re doing either way it goes. New projects and your independence are important though keep in mind the influence of the solar and lunar eclipse axis in Taurus and Scorpio that’s also about finances and Mercury’s involvement. Much can be done with conviction and looking at the long-term process.

Mars is in Aries from May 24 to July 5 that is a positive and strong placement for energy and being fortified with strength. This is a forthright vibration that benefits taking direct action in a grander way that usual. 
Lammas, or Lughnasadh is August 1,  and the 213nd day of 2022 and when the Sun is at fifteen degrees of Leo that’s the midway point between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. While astronomical and significant on its own as a shift of consciousness it’s also long celebrated as a day of harvest with feasts and rituals in honor of what has been gathered and being stored for the winter months ahead. Farmers and everyone honored the gifts of Earth and connection to the stars and so did Christians that got onboard with the alignments and is known as Saint Catherine’s Feast Day. It’s also about your personal harvest so taking stock of what you’ve accomplished so far and how you want to utilize what you have is part of the appreciation of life on the planet. Noting where you’ve gained and are prosperous helps to hold onto to it that can be improved health, financially, being more organized, connecting to others and anyway that you’ve built upon your life. Many things can be counted such as a commitment to be diligent and forthright on your own behalf. A simple lighting of a candle to honor the energy or a special meal and if you have it, lighting your alter to connect to your beliefs. (Saint Catherine’s Feast Day has been moved around quite a bit so you may need to decide yourself if you want to include her today.)