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January, 2021
January 6,
Mars in Taurus
January 7,
Mercury in Aquarius
Venus in Capricorn
January 13,
New Moon in Capricorn
January 19,
Sun in Aquarius
January 28,
Full Moon in Leo
January 30,
Mercury Retrograde
.Your Celestial Compass for 
January 18-24, 2021

The Fire of Mars Blends with the Lightening of Uranus

Mars still resonates with great force that on Wednesday conjuncts Uranus, followed on Thursday conjunct the Moon along with Uranus, and Saturday will square Jupiter. All this adds up to another will ride as reactive energy in the world. Breaking it all down, Mars is energy, progress, forcefulness, aggression and war. Positively, Mars is essential as the spark of life. Car engines wouldn’t start without the spark to ignite them, fires light, you arise from sleep and everywhere sparks of life keeps the planet moving. Where it can go awry is when hard planet angles cause intermingling of this spark. On Wednesday Mars square Uranus peaks, as it already has this month, will be suddenness and unexpected energy. It can cause anything from disagreements to accidents so using forethought before acting or reacting is wise. The entire day is challenging as the Moon squares Pluto, the Sun and Saturn. Frustration and a hard edge are afoot. Thursday is a follow-through as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and Mars and squares Jupiter. Mars square Jupiter on Saturday makes a big soup of mixed emotions and unrest. The week is not great for investing or pushing to the limit. Monitoring your feelings (the Moon) and giving thought to options and where you want to expand helps to have insight relating to impulses and urges. A good rule of thumb is to think about where you want to expend energy.

The Sun is in Aquarius beginning Tuesday for the next month lends awareness to the masses and groups that will be able to more comfortably form and organize. The sign itself is about vision and originality that begins to resonate within and manifest outward through how you align to others. It’s also about planning for the future and going the distance. The planet ruler is Uranus so excitement is in the air.

The Quarter Moon Wednesday opens a new lane on which to travel where establishment and life management is concerned that continues until the Leo Full Moon January 28. Values are considered as is the mundane side that’s money and worth.

  • Monday, January 18, Moon in Pisces/Aries
  • Tuesday, January 19, Moon in Aries; Sun in Aquarius
  • Wednesday, January 20, Moon in Aries/Taurus
  • Thursday, January 21, Moon in Taurus
  • Friday, January 22, Moon in Taurus
  • Saturday, January 23, Moon in Taurus/Gemini
  • Sunday, January 24, Moon in Gemini

​Key words for the week:

​Alert; sudden; rush; anxious; fervor; rebellion; independent

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

“The spark of Mars projects my existence as a perpetual forward progress to realign all aspects of my life.”

In Review: (looking back - a brief synopsis of the previous column):

January 11-17, 2021

Redoing & Undoing All at the Same Time

Monday has what seems like blessed energy from the Capricorn Moon trine Mars, conjunct Venus and trine Uranus – all gentle and smooth rays that, at least offers easiness and willingness. It’s a fine time to work with others, make amends, and resolve complexities plus bond. Adding to that is Mercury conjunct Jupiter which expands understanding. Dialogue more easily goes well with flexibility for contracts and other commitments. This is a good day for initiating travel plans where agents are more likely to extend offers and arrangements. The peak of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is 12:19 PM which is important to note since on Tuesday Mercury is square Uranus that’s not so friendly though not necessarily negative, but more unpredictable and with other intense lunar and planet angles it’s better to catch the winds when sailing you toward what you intend. 

The New Moon at 12:00 AM on Wednesday initiates growth through Capricorn energy lasting for two weeks until the Leo Full Moon on January 28. The day includes Mars square Saturn causing frustration, delays, or feeling setback even if not. Venus trine Uranus is good for connecting to a higher standard in relation to others and exploring creativity. 

Uranus takes leadership throughout the week with a square from Mercury on Tuesday, trine from Venus on Wednesday, changing direction to Direct on Thursday and following up with a square from Jupiter on Sunday. The energy is almost like stagnation due to the pause and shift to direct motion that affects various areas of life. Uranus is now in Taurus governing money, income and what you consider valuable which makes the week one to “evaluate” all financial related matters, and inward it activates your own values of living. This is intensified by the Sun conjunct Pluto on Thursday which is revealing of undercurrent truths trying to surface. Self-evaluation is worthwhile as part of the 2021 cycle. In Capricorn issues are hard and challenging. Uranus is the planet of suddenness, the unexpected, and what’s never been done before as well as shock – it literally governs lightening. Shockwaves are already resonating for the year that includes the Earth spinning at a faster rate which may result in a second added to time. That may sound minute yet the brain is very easily influenced and is responsive to earth and incoming energies from space.

Something to consider, pragmatism and logic (Capricorn) and the material world (Taurus) are foundations of this dimension, yet now it’s good to allow the unexpected and excitement of Uranus to alert you to higher vibrations and avenues of living beyond the mundane.

The 2021 chart on the Astrology Page.

There’s more to come with listings of eclipse and other cycles. Yes, it’s a new year and a new energy with more flexibility and opportunity. 

What's Ahead

There is a Full Moon in Leo, lunar alignment with Jupiter and a powerful Venus-Pluto connection.

​The 2021 chart, Mercury retrograde dates and eclipse listings
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Yes, it’s a new year and 2021 is a new energy with more flexibility and opportunity. Wishing you all the best! 

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