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Your Celestial Compass for the Week of 
May 16-22, 2022 ©SandraHelton

As if the month of May isn’t already jam packed with extraordinary celestial events, we’re under the rays of the current Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, also a Blood Moon and a Super Moon happening at 12:14 AM EDT, just into Monday and visible in the USA, Canada, Central and South America, parts of Western Europe, Western Africa, New Zealand and Antarctica. 

While happening as this column is being published, you haven’t missed it if you’re reading on Monday as the energy is ongoing for at least the next three months and reinforced by the last solar eclipse two weeks ago in Taurus that is an axis between the two signs affecting all aspects of money, from how you earn it to how you save and accumulate material goods. This has been an ongoing energy for most of the year and active for the next three months. Inwardly your sense of value is triggered that brings up self-worth consideration and at this zodiacal degree can cause anxiety. 

This open energy of Scorpio is a gateway to other dimensions and so, is also to the realm of spirits, making this event akin to a big All Hallows Eve when the veil is thin and those that have passed on can walk through into our space, and likewise we can walk easily into theirs. It’s a wonderful time to commune with loved ones on the spirit side of life and connect to ancestral links and guardians. 

Also this week the Sun transits into Gemini on Friday and conjuncts Mercury retrograde that overall brings attention to, along with eclipse energy, your innermost thoughts and reminds you of how you connect to the world. These are special times when dimensional multiplicity unfolds.

On Sunday, Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus that further emphasizes the duality of your outer world of the mundane and your inner world of values and depth of beliefs. The cycle lasts until the end of May.

  • Monday, May 16, Eclipsing Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius
  • Tuesday, May 17, Moon in Sagittarius
  • Wednesday, May 18, Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn
  • Thursday, May 19, Moon in Capricorn
  • Friday, May 20, Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius; Sun in Gemini
  • Saturday, May 21, Moon in Aquarius
  • Sunday, May 22, Moon in Aquarius/Pisces​

Key words for the week:

Revelation; power; unfolding; realization

Affirmation for the week:

(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements in the heavens.)

“My soul takes the lead of personal choices toward fulfillment.”

In Review (looking back - a brief synopsis from the previous column):

Mercury Retrograde and Getting Ready for the Lunar Eclipse

This Mercury Retrograde beginning May 10 and lasting until June 3 is in Gemini, the sign it rules so lends a softer result, although the usual cautions and benefits still remain which are, avoid signing important documents or making significant purchases, review any necessary contracts for errors and convoluted clauses. Also, pay attention to messages and all communication so as to avoid mistakes with dates and times and even locations if you’re scheduled to meet someone at a specific place. Missed appointments or wrong directions are common during this cycle. Good practice is the “do-over” such as redoing anything and also clearing for upgrades. Take your time with managing activities. On May 22 Mercury reverts back into Taurus for the remainder of the retrograde that calls for review of all finances ranging from income to investments. Pay attention to financial records to ensure you’ve not only paid necessary bills but that mistakes aren’t made and you’re over-charged. 

On the same day, May 10, Jupiter moves into Aries where it remains until October 28 that revs up ideas and goals with the aim of advancing ideals that in general is good unless you tend to be impulsive and then there might be a tendency to overshoot. This is also about money that instigates spending and taking the initiative even if a bit risky. Gambling isn’t the way to go unless you’re willing to believe in what you’re doing either way it goes. New projects and your independence are important though keep in mind the influence of the solar and lunar eclipse axis in Taurus and Scorpio that’s also about finances and Mercury’s involvement. Much can be done with conviction and looking at the long-term process. 

Sunday, the day before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16, brings two major solar angles that are a square to Saturn and a sextile to Neptune. These angles combined suggest patience and consideration of the bigger picture of your choices. 

The week is good for managing and maintaining and putting into place what you need for reliability.
​Extra Note:
Mercury began transiting Gemini on April 30 where it will be for an extended stay until due to retrograding back into Taurus and then forward again into Gemini until July 5. As the planet ruler of the sign it offers strength for making decisions and establishing plans. Communication is strengthened so making contact with others and also connecting through travel is likely more beneficial.