from Sandra Helton
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Celestial Insights for February 6-12, 2023©
from Sandra Helton

Mercury is in Aquarius from Saturday, February 11 until March 3 stirring group activities and friendships. People are busier and more on the go to network and connect with others for a variety of reasons. You may notice you hear from others frequently and you may also feel the urge to reach out to people. This same ray activates goals, bringing to mind your ideals and plans. The overall widening latitude of hope and dreams is a subtle global impulse of realizing the unity of humankind and life direction. 

Two major angles create a very Mercury kind of week and help you to see greater aspects of yourself and the world around you. On Monday Mercury sextile Neptune offers strong intuitive insight for understanding and seeing deep into what happens with others as well as your own life. You can attune to being more creative and developing your psychic ability. Mercury conjunct Pluto on Friday is an angle that prompts you to see the truth and grasp a deep reality. This too can lead to understanding what makes you tick and how you relate to others.

  • Monday, February 6, Moon in Leo/Virgo
  • Tuesday, February 7, Moon in Virgo
  • Wednesday, February 8, Moon in Virgo
  • Thursday, February 9, Moon in Virgo/Libra
  • Friday, February 10, Moon in Libra
  • Saturday, February 11, Moon in Libra/Scorpio
  • Sunday, February 12, Moon in Scorpio

Key words for the week:

Realize; sense; know

Affirmation for the week:

(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements in the heavens.)

“My awareness is deep and transforming.”

​In Review:
January 30-February 5, 2023©

You have all week to build and initiate growth for the future while the lunar tide grows full in Leo on Sunday at 1:29 PM ET. January has been complicated and challenging for many and now the solar system is aligning to help you gain ground and take greater steps in a positive progressive direction. 

On Friday the Sun and Uranus square and Saturday brings Venus square Mars that are both often a cause of lack of stability. It’s best to tend to life with a methodical approach and forethought to lessen potential mishaps or disruption. Uranus is the planet of chaos and when square to other planets brings that more to the fore. Sun square Uranus can be internal as restlessness or impulsiveness. 

Venus square Mars is more about interactions between friends, loved ones and also groups that could be thrown into upheaval and being uncomfortable or even argumentative. Both days are not the best for taking risks.

This Leo Full Moon on Sunday is overall nice as it thoroughly reminds you of your personal identity and brings realization of your strengths. Some may be feeling their oats and others may be more introspective as desires for fulfillment rise to the surface of the mind. You may feel a building self-awareness and want to manifest more truly your identity and seek what brings you joy.