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AUGUST, 2021

August 8
New Moon in Leo

August 11
Mercury goes into Virgo

August 16
Venus goes into Libra

August 19
Mercury is Retrograde

August 22
Sun in Virgo
& Full Moon in Pisces

.​Your Celestial Compass for the Week of 
August 2-8, 2021

The Moon’s Shadow brings Solace and Restoration

Throughout the week as the Moon casts shadows and darkens there’s a sense of ancient stirrings being awakened within. The time is one that old haunts and memories surface to remind you of your personal history regardless of what’s happening in the world and around you in part due to the Sun opposite Saturn on Monday followed by Mercury square Uranus Tuesday and then the Sun square Uranus on Friday. Venus is helpful to work with your thoughts and feelings and yet the sense of your history brings ideas about what to do, so decisions are part of how you can best manage thoughts and emotions. This dark of the Moon lasts until Sunday when the New Moon in Leo begins a new cycle to go forward and act on what you want to do. 

This is a time to go within and allow the past and deep thoughts of how your life is today to be a trigger for planning and making decisions. The upcoming New Moon in Leo is about declarations and determination and recognizing your strengths and purpose. Journaling, meditation and making an effort to reconnect with your core self and identity can help to clarify your needs and where you may want to focus for solace and restoration. If you’ve felt more like doing something that nurtures your spirit such as listening to music, watching a movie or reading books of your favorite genre then that might be a grounding experience that makes room to then see more definitively. 

  • Monday, August 2, Moon in Taurus/Gemini
  • Tuesday, August 3, Moon in Gemini
  • Wednesday, August 4, Moon in Gemini/Cancer
  • Thursday, August 5, Moon in Cancer
  • Friday, August 6, Moon in Cancer
  • Saturday, August 7, Moon in Cancer/Leo
  • Sunday, August 8, Moon in Leo

​Key words for the week:

Solace; quiet; nurture; soothe; awakened; reveal

Affirmation for the week:
(I compose these affirmations based on current planet, luminary and star placements 
in the heavens.)

“Through quiet time and listening, my spirit begins to lead me toward grace and positive direction.”

In Review: (looking back - a brief synopsis of the previous column):

July 26-August 1, 2021
The Solar System is Forging Ahead with New Signs to Inform You

Strong energy shifts are happening due to several planets which are Mercury, Jupiter and Mars changing signs. 

On Tuesday Mercury leaves Cancer and moves into Leo where it will reside until August 11 igniting communication and strong impulses to take action, being more on the go and a kind of thinking out loud. There’s frustration and anxiousness due to its opposition to Saturn happening Sunday. Restlessness, a wanderlust and strong willfulness to do something even if controversial stirs minds all week and into August. You can declare yourself and strive to find time to indulge in what you really want to do, plus find time to enjoy something special to you. Toward the end of the week Mercury opposite Pluto brings everything on your mind to a peak that you feel compelled to express. Think about what you want as an outcome before speaking out. 

Jupiter moved back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius that on Wednesday advances again into Aquarius where it’s already been expanding fantastic energy that’s ongoing until December 28. Groups, organizations, society and the bigger picture of life are in for a lot of added awareness. What you want to do in the scheme of your life more easily transforms into an ideal and connection to others is a major part of what happens from here on in during the year. Planning and goal setting is more on your mind that you realize is happening with friends and others so taking steps in that direction is helped to manifest. 

Mars is in Virgo beginning Thursday will add fuel to occupations such as medical, nursing, teaching and all careers relating to assembly lines and where groups work in unison. A flare in activity within those professions is likely and for you there’s an urge to be more precise and detailed. Health is important so tending to your own is helpful to make the best of this transit. The workplace and workers in general are less content wherein, along with Jupiter in Aquarius there may be a call for better unity, quality and forthright action. Mars and Jupiter opposing can have you thinking about benefits and requirements for everyday living and in your profession. 

​What's Ahead - Next week:

​The New Moon is commencing and Mercury moves into Virgo.

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