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Take UT and add or subtract the following hours listed.
Minus ( - ) means to subtract;
Plus ( + ) means to add in relation to GMT and UT time.

Example: When it is noon is England it's 9 PM in Japan.

Check your local area for Daylight Savings & Summer Times

International Date Line East (IDLE) + 12 hours
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) + 12 hours
New Zealand Time (NZT) +12 hours
Guam Standard Time (GST) + 10 hours
East Australian Standard Time (EAST) +10 hours
Japan Standard Time (JST)  +9 hours
China Coast Time (CCT) + 8 hours
West Australian Standard Time (WAST) + 7 hours
India Standard Time (IST) + 5.5 hours
Russian Zone 3 + 4 hours
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Russian Zone 2 + 3 hours
Eastern European Time (EET) + 2 hours
Russian Zone 1 + 2 hours
Central European Time (CET) + 1 hour
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Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 0 hour
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Atlantic Standard Time (AST) - 4 hours
Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 5 hours
Central Standard Time (CST) - 6 hours
Mountain Standard Time (MST) - 7 hours
Pacific Standard Time (PST) - 8 hours
Alaskan Standard Time (AkST) - 9 hours
Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) - 10 hours
International Date Line West (IDLW) - 12 hours

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Celestial Compass for October 15-21, 2018

You have Ample Opportunity to Restore and Heal Your Personal Life

Throughout this week intensity grows that is easily countered by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in Scorpio. Strong wills and passionate attitudes are happening although there’s also the magnifying Jupiter giving you equal opportunity to blend and harmonize your deep feelings with ideals of what you want to manifest. Mars is still in Aquarius that has been grist in the midst of much from close encounters to international events. During this year I’ve discussed the impact of the three eclipses earlier this year on the Leo-Aquarius axis and how Mars in Aquarius in a part due its long stay via retrograde impacting the senses, especially grating on nerves to the last degree of tolerance. As Mercury approached the last degree of Libra before entering Scorpio on October 9 there was a boiling point when decisions were made and promptings to take action that were extreme. This was linked to Uranus retrograde at a critical degree in Taurus, the opposite sign to Scorpio. Mentioned then was the trigger point that would happen and those energies are not over. 

Right now it’s important to ground and see where you’re seated within your own world and environment and find where you can secure from a point of peace and solvency. The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn helps this process and offers realization of where you might gain ground through establishing priorities.

Monday, October 15, 2018
Moon in Capricorn

The Moon sextile Mercury at 7:48 AM makes it easier to connect to others with clarity and to gain understanding of purpose and intention when talking about plans and ideas. This also helps when traveling to make the right choices en route and for what you want to do when you arrive at your destination.

While the sextile of the Moon and Venus peak at 9:06 AM it’s easy to enjoy the company of others and do something relaxing and entertaining. This provides smooth energy for creative pursuits and anywhere you want things to go well. 

Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio at 4:21 PM is about strong impulses and intense thoughts. This is ideal as it benefits creativity and inner understanding. You can have breakthroughs within where you grasp your own motivations and desires. There may be significant conversations with a loved one or others with whom you have a personal bond.

At 7:27 PM the Moon sextile Neptune lends intuitive insight and ease of communication via automatic attunement. Telepathy and other aspects of psychic perception open you to understanding and knowing what happens around you. You easily attune to the environment.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Moon in Capricorn

Strength and intensity flows from the Moon conjunct Pluto at 4:54 AM. For some this causes suppression and for others triggers the impulse to speak out or act in a direct way. It’s best to know what you think and feel before you react to the urge to bolt. 

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn at 2:02 PM shows you where you need to make adjustments during the next week as the lunar tide grow toward full on October 24. Money and career management are in the forefront of need. This is a good time to organize and settle on routine that keeps you going.

At 5:50 PM the sextile between the Moon and Jupiter energizes good feelings and easygoing intentions. This helps you to go with the flow of what’s working well and favorable for you. It can increase money or help you to make it increase.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

The Moon transiting through Aquarius from 3:37 AM until Friday shows where there is commonality and where you can easily bond on a larger scale. It’s group thinking and makes it easy to settle disputes. There is cool sincerity and you can see the bigger picture of what’s happening around you and with others.

While the Moon and Uranus square at 5:18 AM disruption of the status quo is possible. Feathers can be ruffled and someone is easily offended so think about the worth of speaking out when what is said may not be worthwhile in the long run. This is about the unexpected.

The next angle is a square at 7:45 PM between the Moon and Venus that affects relationships ranging from romantic to social and family dynamics. There can be conflicting goals and what one wants is contrary to another or you. It’s best to take it easy and not over-plan anything right now.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Moon in Aquarius

The 5:11 AM lunar square to Mercury suggests stepping back from planning and trying to get anything moving right now. There can be hidden misunderstanding and misalignment so its best not to make commitments until this angle is passed.

The Moon conjunct Mars in Aquarius at 7:51 AM is energy that can be utilized for an extra boost to get you going or it could be an irritant if you are frustrated and already feeling uneasy. Avoid making rash moves.

Friday, October 19, 2018
Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Mercury trine Neptune at 5:48 AM is excellent for tapping into your own higher mind and also the environment. Ideas and awareness are strong and have that extra intuitive energy. Perception is at a high and gives you more information that you might usually know about. This is also highly creative.

While the Moon and Jupiter square at 7:46 AM it’s best to avoid going too far with spending and investments due to potential loss or not realizing the final outcome may be less that at first appears. Assess money and how to conserve it.

The nice slow between the Moon and Sun via trine at 8:28 AM gives easement and success across the board wherever you need to excel and advance. There is balance between emotion and intention that easily leads to success so consider this energy to launch something important.

Mercury square Mars at 1:24 PM is about abrupt happenings and sudden blurts in communications. As this time approaches take your time driving and anywhere you need to be in the mix with others. It represents accidents, mishaps, quick anger, and shock. The energy moves fast so can be a short glitch but it’s best to proceed with caution as much as possible. It can be the start of disagreements that build.

The Moon in Pisces from 4:21 PM until Monday of next week causes shifting sands and unusual perceptions. Some may drift into imagination and fantasy that takes away from managing life with reason. Strive to remain grounded and take time to tune into your ideals and higher perceptions where you can gain valuable insight.

The sextile of the Moon and Uranus at 5:48 PM adds to your ability to think for yourself and bring in originality. This is a nice ray for seeking something new and allowing different ideas to flow in for consideration.

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Moon in Pisces

At 12:27 AM the Moon sextile Saturn provides stability and grounding that aids work and anywhere you want to manage your life in a gentle way. It benefits solidarity and bonding with friends and other associations. It’s a practical vibration.

The Moon trine Venus at 5:45 AM is helpful to know what you want and find ways to embrace it. This is opportunity and socializing as well that is good for group work. There is mutual understanding.

While the Moon and Neptune conjunct at 8:08 PM you are opened to great intuition. Telepathy and other forms of perception are strong and easy to access. This can create a dreamy state where your imagination soars that is beneficial for artisans.

Sunday, October 21, 2018
Moon in Pisces

At 1:15 AM the Moon trine Mercury helps you to express your feelings and thoughts. Communication flows within and with others as you choose. It’s a good energy for putting pen to paper and other forms of expressing your thoughts.

The Moon sextile Pluto at 5:34 AM gives easy power and focus to express and declare what you believe. This helps to know what you want to do and where you want to go and is in general a win-win ray.

The trine at 7:48 PM between the Moon and Jupiter expands the positive and allows you to progress what you need to. This also helps to be optimistic and forthright. Causes are furthered. You can grow and gain support as needed and wanted.

In Review (looking back):

Celestial Compass for the Week of October 8-14, 2018
By Sandra Helton

Libra New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio
There are tales to be told…

The week begins with the New Moon in Libra that prods all to find order and balance wherever there’s contention or anything uncomfortable. Focus changes through Mercury in Scorpio until October 31 as it joins Venus and Jupiter. There can be strong feelings, thoughts, and actions where long held desires overflow from within. It’s a proactive week where much can begin rolling forward through understanding of how you are connected to another, others, and the intention of those connections. Very often Libra being so exacting, creates a need for order that comes with numerous thoughts and ideas intensified by the Scorpio vibration. What you want and what you do is on the table to realize consequences and reactions to your decisions and own choice of change.

There may be a need to watch those who seek leverage so that you’re not thrown off course and blindsided by offhanded intentions. This is a time to establish true balance and refine it. 

Personal interests that you would like to manifest and build upon is a strong motivating element so take time to notice those often subtle inclinations that seem to prod at you to get your attention. While many focus on the major part of life, sometime it’s those small things done that create the path needed to move forward. 

Key words for the week:

Solve; restoration; understand; grasp; truth

Affirmation for the week:

"My choice to restore and establish resolve births harmony."

In Truth,

Next Week:

The Full Moon is in Taurus and the Sun moves into Scorpio.


Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

A Personal Message for All Signs – See Below:

Weekly for the 12 Signs

Birth dates are approximate because the Sun travels at different speeds from year to year. The beginning and end of a sign cycle can vary by 1-3 days so it’s important to know the year you were born if you’re on the “cusp.”

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
Planet ruler: Mars*Symbol: Ram*Element: Fire

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn reminds you of what you have been doing and what you need to do to refine your career and station in life. This can bring about reasons to negotiate and work with authorities to establish a stronger connection for the long-term. “Who” you are matters and can have definition.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20) 
Planet ruler: Venus*Symbol: Bull*Element: Earth

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn activates study and teaching or a learning phase. Spirituality and belief is also on the table for consideration and understanding. Communication and travel may be in the mix and there can be legalities to address. Your horizons can expand.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20) 
Planet ruler: Mercury*Symbol: Twins*Element: Air

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn energizes your money picture relating to shared income and/or holdings such as savings, investments or legacies. There is an undercurrent of desire that prompts you to be more aware of what motivates you from a deep level.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
Planet ruler: Moon*Symbol: Crab*Element: Water

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn reflects how you are connecting to others on a one-to-one basis. Relationships such as marriage and business call for refining and balancing. You can take a pragmatic approach and accomplish much.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
Planet ruler: Sun*Symbol: Lion*Element: Fire

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn influences work and everyday life activities. You may also choose to refine your life relating to health and how you live. This is a good cycle to organize and ensure your choices serve your long-range plans.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
Planet ruler: Mercury*Symbol: Maiden*Element: Earth

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn is about creativity and freedom of expression that takes you somewhat away from the ordinary practicality of life. This is a nice time to incorporate creativity and a true passion into your lifestyle.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)
Planet ruler: Venus*Symbol: Scales*Element: Air

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn reminds you of what you have established on a personal level relating to home and the home environment. Ensuring you have freedom there to bask in your own sacred space is timely and strengthens your spirit.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)
Planet ruler: Pluto*Symbol: Scorpion*Element: Water

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn helps to have a disciplined mind and focus on what’s important to you. You are aware of the need to secure your foundations and have order so that you can rest in knowing you’ve done that and are on secure ground. You think practically and with easy strength.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
Planet ruler: Jupiter*Symbol: Archer*Element: Fire

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn reminds you of how you relate to the world and internal values. This is a nice time to recognize your ideals and sense of self-worth as they dictate and leady you through life. Having a clear definition of those principles is helpful overall for growth and prosperity.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)
Planet ruler: Saturn*Symbol: Goat*Element: Earth

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn makes you feel like the center of all that happens around you, and that may be so. Take time to establish positive boundaries so that you maintain your energy and can flourish within and be more expressive of your own individuality.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
Planet ruler: Uranus*Symbol: Water Bearer*Element: Air

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn leads you to realize what you have already established and seeing how that works for you in the present. This is a good time to release old archaic attitudes and patterns to make room for a new way of living.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
Planet ruler: Neptune*Symbol: Two Fish*Element: Water

​The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn is about long-range plans and what you want to do. This is also a time to regroup regarding friendships and social connections so that you live more directly and with a good foundation. There can be nice plans established to carry you far.