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Sandra’s Celestial Compass for the Week of May 7, 2018
Preparing for the Big Leap!

Both Aries and Taurus are aligned to catapult you into a new reality.

Here we go, headlong into the depth of Taurean energy! The Sun is already there, and before the week is out Mercury joins it, setting the stage for the May 15 major shift when Uranus that has been in Aries, moves into Taurus for the next eight years. The exact date of entrance is next week, though the energy is upon us already, setting the pace for what is to come. Throughout the weeks and months ahead this placement will be discussed here with information about what to expect. 

Right now, the subtle shift of the Moon in Aquarius launches the Last Quarter phase until the New Moon in Taurus on the same day as the new Uranus cycle (May 15). 

Mercury is making its last lap in Aries and generating a lot of noise along the way. On Monday it squares Pluto, on Saturday it squares Mars, and on Sunday it conjuncts Uranus, that are all action packed rays. Expect more than the usual amount of talk and rumblings as minds are busy and filled with everything from sorting out a myriad of thoughts to new and very different ideas.

Weekly for the 12 Signs

(Approximate birthday cycles)

March 21 – April 19 
Planetary ruler: Mars
Symbol: Ram 
Element: Fire

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice are strong reminders of your sense of inner harmony and how you feel about your home. Where you rest and feel secure is a strong point for nurturing and working to ensure you are safe and are comfortable. This is a time to engage where you have faith and strong connections to ancestors and family that innately supports your spirit and soul journey. Your home is your power-point and sacred space.

April 20 – May 20 
Planetary ruler: Venus
Symbol: Bull 
Element: Earth

​The Sun in Cancer and Solstice activates your thoughts and mind that is turning to ideas about what you want to do to secure your future. There is strong energy swirling around you with neighbors, siblings, and others in your environment that is part of the dynamic of decisions. While you’re usually a person focused on the tangible world, this is energy that reminds you that you create your own reality by what you think and do.

May 21 – June 20 
Planetary ruler: Mercury
Symbol: Twins
Element: Air

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice connect you to your outer world of income and the tangible. This is great energy for aligning your best self and sense of worth so that you are prosperous and can enjoy a life of fulfillment. New projects for working with money are favored and can grow into a strong energy that relates to how you feel. Ensure that how you feel is aligned with worthiness and your sense of prosperity.

June 21 – July 22
Planetary ruler: Moon
Symbol: Crab 
Element: Water

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice is a strong point for you in that it emphasizes your personal energy and significance of your spirit life integrated within the world itself. This begins your yearly cycle that is reinforcing you for the next month. It can be enlightening to tune into your surroundings, the environment, and world to sense your connectedness and also to receive the magnitude of your place within it all.

July 23 – August 22
Planetary ruler: Sun
Symbol: Lion 
Element: Fire

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice resonate within and stirs your sense of yourself relating to how you feel about your history, things you’ve held close for a long time, and about your emotional makeup. You can fortify and renew by taking personal time to nurture private matters. Journaling or meditation helps to surface and understand deep motivations that can be worked through as discovered.

August 23 – September 22
Planetary ruler: Mercury
Symbol: Maiden 
Element: Earth

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice energizes your interest in going forward with retirement plans, new ideas for the future, and building the lifestyle you want as an ideal. You may feel more emotion about a friends or the way you connect with others that is worthy to notice so that you can realign the give-and-take of those associations. It’s a time for new beginnings in those areas.

September 23 – October 22
Planetary ruler: Venus
Symbol: Scales
Element: Air

​The Sun in Cancer and Solstice gives awareness of how you’ve projected yourself into the world through career and personal identity. This energy strengthens your connections with authorities and helps you to reinforce what and why you want to manifest your overt life. Knowing how you feel about your work, how you relate to others in that area and your genuine purpose is helpful for being more empowered and strong.

October 23 – November 21
Planetary ruler: Pluto
Symbol: Scorpion & Eagle
Element: Water

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice emphasizes communication on a major scale and it promotes aligning based on how you feel about those connections. Learning and venturing through the mind move you in a good direction that is linked to your core self and feelings. This can be an empowering time by how you connect through travel and networking with others. It’s a great time to renew conviction to beliefs.

November 22 – December 21
Planetary ruler: Jupiter
Symbol: Archer
Element: Fire

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice bring to mind a strong feeling about what you want to do and could surface a desire that you want to fulfill. This launches a cycle for managing your finances including share income and money involvement. It helps to find the link between how you feel about what you’ve garnered and how that manifestation is working out. You can establish a nice working system for savings, investments, accumulation and cash flow.

December 22 – January 19
Planetary ruler: Saturn
Symbol: Goat
Element: Earth

​The Sun in Cancer and Solstice helps you to see clearly and more directly all connections to others through relationships and the public in general. You may feel more emotional about close alliances though overall you can build strengths in that area of your life. Partnership energy is sensitized and can be worked with to either renew and/or build new links. You are readily recognized for your personal commitment to others, life, and overall.

January 20 – February 18
Planetary ruler: Uranus
Symbol: Water Bearer
Element: Air

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice begins a cycle for working and maintaining your life from day-to-day. You are reminded of how you feel that relates to health, work, and the way you’ve established your lifestyle. This is a nice time for new beginnings to soothe your emotions and lift your spirits. It promotes healing and feeling comfortable with personal choices.

February 19 – March 20
Planetary ruler: Neptune
Symbol: Two Fish
Element: Water

The Sun in Cancer and Solstice births a creative cycle and time that connects you closely to children or others in your social sphere. You are drawn to socialize more and to take time to enjoy life that soothes you and helps you to feel personally fulfilled. What you choose to do relates to nurturing the soul. Creativity is sparked and can begin to grow.

Your Celestial Compass for June 18-24, 2018

The Sun Enters Cancer and the Powerful Day of the Summer Solstice

Throughout history, earthly turning points in relation to the Sun have been significant, and as science has advanced it’s even more evident how powerful these days are. This week we experience the Summer Solstice which is when the Sun enters the zodiacal sign of Cancer and launches a new season. This is the midpoint between the beginning of spring and fall, and the counterpoint to the Winter Solstice. Commonly it’s is a time of great growth when all vegetation is in bloom and animals in nature have given birth to their young. Birds are in flight, harvests are underway, and our home planet teems with life. This is global and also happens within you in a very personal way. The more you connect with nature the more you are strengthened within. Acknowledgement is a way to begin that alignment.

Monday, June 18, 2018
Moon in Leo/Virgo

Moon in Virgo, 4:41AM until Wednesday
More attention goes to work, daily activities, health and managing life. This is a time to tend to small tasks and details and also to rework scheduling so that everything is more organized. You may notice that some people are preoccupied with lots of little things that lead to stress or being overly concerned without reason. Ensure you are staying on course and not being stymied by trying to do too many things at once.

Moon trine Uranus, 7:20AM
This is good energy for trying something new and different. Taking a different direction or doing things in a new way can be enjoyable and exciting. Allow thinking outside-the-box and with innovation.

Moon trine Saturn, 3:40PM
This ray provides stamina and stability. It is easier to carryon and maintain what you have already begun. There is reliability and sureness in the air. The strength lends itself to major projects and endurance and you can be more focused.

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces, 4:42PM to November 24
All things relating to spirituality, giving, charity, and compassion are affected by this unusual planet that is now preparing to be in reverse motion. Very personally, you may find you mentally wander back through memories and past experiences that are viewed in a different light now. There can be something unsettled that will take time to resolve. You may begin to retreat about some things and even reform the way you handle your feelings. It is easy to rethink matters and quietly make decisions. Reality is signified and becomes important as you gain a different perspective. What holds meaning and how you are influenced may need addressing. Avoid anything that suggests delusion or self-deception.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Moon in Virgo

Moon sextile Mercury, 2:45AM
Heightened mental activity has you thinking about everything and striving to be clear. This is a good time to establish clarity in the way you communicate with others and to gain understanding about what they mean and intend. It’s a nice time to make travel plans.

Moon sextile Jupiter, 4:33 AM
Good feelings and all around goodwill manifests. Appreciation and acknowledgement are common under this ray so enjoy the time and allow generosity and kindness to unfold. You may feel charitable and want to help others.

Moon opposite Neptune, 8:49AM
There is obscurity and lack of perception that could lead you astray and in the wrong direction. There can be circumstances that are unclear and lack genuine purpose. It is easy to be misunderstood and to misunderstand someone. Take your time and gather facts before making commitments.

Mercury trine Jupiter, 3:43PM
Ideas and plans can expand and grow with good results. If you have an idea you could turn it into something major. There is a certain extra interest in the air that draws people to what you do and say and you may also enjoy the connections that are favorable. This benefits creativity. You may want to plan a big trip that is luxurious, or you may want to engage with others on a bigger scale than usual.

Moon trine Pluto, 3:53PM
Confidence gives you a sense of wellbeing and fortitude to go the distance. It’s easy to have faith and conviction. This is good and helpful for beginning anything that requires follow-through and clear focus.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Moon in Virgo/Libra

First Quarter Moon in Virgo, 6:51AM
You may find it beneficial to make adjustments at work, with co-workers, and with your daily life. There can be a feeling that something needs settling and that there is change on the way. Making the changes yourself to refine your actions and choices is a good way to work with this.

Moon in Libra, 8:30AM until Friday
Finding alternatives to the way something is done may be part of this cycle. Some may need to compromise and some may need to make change that allows for balance and reasonable order. This is a cycle for seeing where you may need to rework specifics. Strive to be flexible.

Moon square Saturn, 7:49PM
There can be delays and a lack of interest that creates a theme of objection and reticence. Insecurity or desire to retreat is a motivating factor so weigh carefully decisions and how you feel.

Moon sextile Venus, 11:32PM
Mutual understanding and willingness to get along and establish agreements is part of this helpful aspect. Shared goals and group activities go well. It’s a nice energy for cultivating friendships and positive alliances.

Mercury trine Neptune, 11:59 PM
Keen perception and easy flow of communication fill the air. You are more aware and creative that is helpful for most all you do. Work, creative projects, connecting to others, and understanding are active energies. This expands comprehension that helps to know what to do. You can see beyond the ordinary and experience heightened senses.

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Moon in Libra

Moon trine Mars, 12:38AM
Strength and energy flow in from this angle. It helps to get down to business and do what is needed. You can easily feel stronger and generate more stamina to work more diligently. You can gain ground and move forward in a good way.

Sun enters Cancer, 6:08AM until July 22
This is the Summer Solstice at zero degrees Cancer.
For the next month, until July 22, this solar transit is a foundation reminder that it’s time to recognize priorities and where you feel strongest and most aligned. Looking at the chart for this event, Venus opposite Mars, listed below, is in effect that adds to the mix of emotion and sensitivity. The sign of Cancer has its own edge that isn’t readily recognized. There’s power and strength in the maternal instinct and procreation that is governed by this overtly gentle energy. The theme for this specific cycle is to discern what you want to nurture and grow.

Venus opposite Mars, 12:55PM
Desire can go awry or become askew. There can be strong feelings that become longing without fulfillment so take an easygoing approach to personal wants and what you expect to happen. Socially this can cause upsets and even squabbles. Unrequited love is an undercurrent.

Moon square Mercury, 4:30PM
It may be best to back away and choose another time to engage with others and attempt to work with papers, contracts, and formal agreements. Sensitivity can get in the way of what’s needed and there can be a lack of needed details that leaves things sketchy. Conversations can be abrupt and not go as planned.

Moon square Pluto, 9:34PM
Things can go wrong before realizing it due to subversion and unspoken agendas. This is a strong energy that prods some to take advantage or want to take over. Be sure you are on the right track before you speak out or make serious commitments.

Friday, June 22, 2018
Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Moon enters Scorpio, 3:11PM until Monday of next week
Plots thicken, minds think seriously, and thought are deep and pensive. Ideas of mortality and immortality and discussions of this nature are a theme. This is a great few days for research and investigation that more easily uncovers answers and needed information. You can get to the bottom of something and also delve into your own inner thoughts to learn motivations just under the surface of consciousness.

Moon trine Sun, 5:51PM
There is overall harmony and cohesiveness that can carry you far and help you to be successful. This is a nice flowing ray that benefits going forward and having much to unfold well. It is an aspect of accomplishment. 

Moon opposite Uranus, 6:26PM
Unpredictable events and unexpected actions could be startling. Moods swing and much is not reliable. It’s a wildcard energy that excites and may cause nervous reactions to what happens in the environment.

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Moon in Scorpio

Sun sextile Uranus, 1:58AM
Surprise in a good way takes the lead that is beneficial for new ideas and plans you want to begin. Solutions and resolution can come to you. This is an angle of innovation and discovery so listen and pay attention to small things that suddenly come to mind and cause feeling inspired.

Moon sextile Saturn, 2:47AM
You can build and establish a steady routine and way to progress that is lasting. This stable energy helps to manage work and responsibility in a calm manner. It’s good for mending fences and stabilizing associations.

Mercury opposite Pluto, 5:24 AM
Obstacles and objections are very possible. This can cause harsh words and intense disagreements so be mindful about what you want to say and do beforehand so that you are clear and calm. Something can run aground or become problematic that leads to reevaluation. Take your time when traveling and step away from confrontations as possible..

Moon square Mars, 8:25AM
Edgy attitudes and feeling unsettled are traits of this angle so think twice before jumping without thinking first of what might happen. It’s a fast moving energy that could leave you breathless if you engage fully with impulses. It’s also an angle of breaking anything from objects to commitments.

Moon square Venus, 12:35PM
Conflicting goals and wasting energy result from this fragmenting aspect that affects relationships and social connections. Emotion is heightened that makes harmony a challenge. It’s not the time to become engaged or make personal commitments. There could be a negative influence on artisans.

Moon conjunct Jupiter, 5:12PM
Benefits and open avenues toward harmony and success unfold. Happiness and an easygoing attitude of optimism are there for you. Embrace thoughts of expansion and know that all can be okay. This helps beginnings to flourish. What you project expands, such as healing.

Moon trine Neptune, 10:24PM
It’s easier to make a point and have it understood and also easier to grasp the intentions of others. Intuition boosts telepathy and perception. Instinct gives you a head start.

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Moon in Scorpio

Moon sextile Pluto, 6:00AM
Strength and easygoing rays provide stamina and quiet confidence. It’s easy to stick with something right now and keep forging ahead. This is a win-win vibration.

Moon trine Mercury, 10:01AM
Great energy for expressing your thoughts and ideas easily leads to progress. This is an ongoing ray that can take you far so efforts of worthwhile. Communication is good, as is travel and connecting to others.

In Review (looking back):

Last week on June 13 was the New Moon in Gemini that launched a two week cycle for growth and opportunity to begin plans and take action. The emphasis was and is, until June 28 when the Moon is full in Capricorn, on connecting and networking, travel and communication. Mercury moved into Leo on June 13 where it will transit until June 29. This brought much energy of communication and activity in areas of networking with those away from everyday duty and work. Entertainment, seeking joy, and creativity are prominent and important. Refocusing on your life is important and beneficial. What you want to fulfill strongly resonates within. 

Key words for the week:

Rework; promote; align; conceptual; see; truth; compliance; nurture; begin

Affirmation for the week:

Inner harmony sustains my wholeness and is my comfort throughout changes around me.

Colors & Stones for the week:
Moonstone, mother-of-pearl, Alexandrite, Silver, Jasper, Moss Agate, Sardonyx, Amazonite, Amber, Blue Topaz, Dioptase, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Sodalite

Oils & Herbs for the week:
Fennel, Lavender, Lemongrass, Narcissus, Peppermint, Sage, Spearmint, Caraway, Clary sage, Narcissus, Spikenard, Wintergreen

Nurturance is a key energy right now as the Northern Hemisphere is full with growth and rebirth of another season. Many pay homage and celebrate on the solstice that can be anything from a simple, quiet meditation with one candle, or a big bash with food, music and reveling. The purpose of ritual is to honor the earth itself and all life we share with it, and also to give attention to the elements, fire, earth, air, and water. It can be a time to give extra attention to pets, animals, trees, and all that is the intertwined grid of existence. There’s much written lately about the consciousness of trees that would be a good study and acknowledgement. Celebrating what you have lays a foundation for growth from that point and as the saying goes, “grow where you’re planted.” Giving thanks generates the energy of reciprocation that brings more of what you acknowledge and enjoy.

Next Week:
Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius, there’s the Full Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury goes into Leo.

A Personal Message for All Signs: Just click your astrology sign.

In Truth,

All times Eastern

Notes for applying details and information: Major aspects are angles from one planet to another called conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition that each has its own meaning. These, combined with the individual meanings of the planets create unique interpretations.

If you're seeing the column from last week, "refresh" your browser to ensure you're up-to-date. 
‚New Moon - New beginnings, initiation, birth, bring forth, time to start projects, Start of a new cycle for a month. Begin the time of increase and expansion that lasts until the next Full Moon. Time to start relationships, plant gardens, renew. A feeling of energy, impulsivity, spontaneous planning. Growth, building, and initiating.

‚1st Quarter Moon - A time showing what change is needed to take advantage of the seeds sown in the new moon. A time when things reach culmination. Movement toward solutions. Begin to bring whatever you start at New Moon to fruition. Building, creating, planning. 

‚Full Moon - a time of culmination, time for things to reach fullness, bring plans and a project together. Emotions run high during this time. A time of romance, fertilization, relationships, emotions, feelings. Peaking.

‚Last Quarter Moon - Begin to tie up loose ends and resolve old issues, before the next new moon. Work on plans and ideas. Dynamic, conscious movement. Clearing, releasing, a time of reaping, harvest, pruning away the old to make room for the new. Prepare for rebirth.

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