I often receive requests from clients to take a look at their children's charts for insight about a number of issues. Parents and guardians want to know the potentials of their babies, the motivations of their teens, or about a specific issue of their adult children. I will take a look and give them as much information as possible, but there is rarely enough time to give them the full insight that would be beneficial.

Learn About the Child in Your Life Through Astrology

In the eastern world, when a child is born it is customary to seek an astrologer to learn about their child’s temperament and talents and needs that may not be overtly apparent.

While the environment sets so much of the way a child responds to the world as they grow older, this is not the true potentials and abilities with which a child is born. One child may overcome harsh experiences while another changes and goes in an unnatural path that results in a negative lifestyle.

It has been my observation that most people in the west do not seek additional knowledge about their children until the children are already adults. The concept is not well known in the west and yet parents and those who care for children are always seeking advice and information about how to help their children to achieve, grow up healthy and to be sound and strong individuals.

The complexity of today’s world for teenagers is more than earlier generations could have handled. Teens today are subjected to intense media with constant messages through television, movies and music. They are under a lot of pressure in school and among their peers.

This would be a great gift to a teenager and a valuable tool to have information about their internal selves – their desires and abilities and emotions.

Clients from all walks of life seek my counsel and my clientele is primarily repeats and referrals. They want to not just improve their lives by seeking astrological guidance and insight, but many wish to overcome issues and circumstances that are holding them back from a fulfilled life.

I can’t imagine not immediately calculating a chart and analyzing it when a child is born. I was my first test subject when studying astrology and I was able to explore early childhood and adolescence and then adulthood.

Astrology is not just about predicting the future, but it is knowledge used by psychologists and physicians and theologians.

When I realized how much a birth chart analysis would help new parents, that is when I also realized how few seek this alternative and unique and very valuable information. There are many reasons such as finances and doubt and being very busy in the timely pursuit of caring for children of all ages.

This also led me to know that a quicker and more efficient way to get that type of information out to everyone would require something other than scheduling individual appointments for the parents and then, if the child is a teenager, have them come in with a parent or guardian. It just isn’t part of western society to invest financially or with time to do that. So, after a long time of searching for information that I felt is reliable enough to offer you, finally, here it is.

Each report is approximately 35 – 45 pages in length and may be read on your computer or printed out to keep or give as a gift. In addition to the report, I will include a graphic of the actual birth chart. A sample is below. The chart wheel is in color and suitable for framing if you wish to print it out.


Noticing this pattern over the years and realizing how much insight and   useful knowledge there is to be gained from a chart analysis of children is overlooked or missed altogether, it seemed reasonable to look for a way to get the knowledge out. The western world is not geared to the great cosmic realities in the same way as the eastern countries where it is common and sought after to immediately get an astrology reading when a child is born.

The value of such insight is underrated and simply not generally known about. I recall once seeing the chart of a young child and commented that he had sensitivity to his feet and might be comfortable wearing shoes or sandals more often during the summer and outside on sand or pavement. The observed and discovered that the soles of his feet were inflamed and very read when playing barefoot outside, especially on their driveway that was paved and held the heat of the sun. Once they remedied that simple problem he was more comfortable and able to play and enjoy the outdoors. This could have led to actual burns and discomfort.

The important areas to discover in a chart for a child are their potentials and talents, their sensitivity and emotions, and their strengths. I am always happy to give a thorough analysis of the chart of a child for those who love him or her, but, the fact is, most people do not realize the value and so the insight goes untapped.

So, when I found this great program that is thorough and accurate and insightful, I made the decision to offer it through my web site for a very nominal amount so that everyone may take advantage of the knowledge of astrology for children.

You will learn about how to:

  • Identify your child’s talents
  • Prepare for the changes ahead
  • Learn to spot and avoid dangerous pitfalls
  • Avoid spoiling or over-disciplining
  • Resolve contradictions and soothe anxieties
  • Help your child fulfill each possibility

Reports are specifically tailored and written for each child’s exact birth horoscope. When you send in the exact birth data, a horoscope will be calculated from which the information is processed and then sent directly to you.

It explores each report with four insightful sections:

A detailed analysis of the planets and aspects in the child's chart
  • The houses of the child's chart
  • The child's potential, talents, and possible challenges
  • An overview of significant life periods

By helping you identify and understand a child’s talents and the challenges they may face, they can successfully be guided through their most important years.

Though these reports are written primarily about newborns, they can give equally valuable insights into adolescents or teenagers – even college students can benefit from the insights offered.

I am confident that you will enjoy reading one about yourself, your children, or to give as a gift.

Because I am sending these reports through e-mail, I am able to keep costs very low. You may print them out and give them in simple report form, or, you may bind then into a book as you choose. The important part is the information!

I have seen them printed on blue paper (for boys) or pink paper (for girls) or any number of paper choices that might be appealing as a gift. You can design your own and personalize them as you wish. Reports are $35.00.

There is no transaction fee for sending the report via the Internet. Specify e-mail address for shipping. You will receive a notice when the report is ready to be received. Reports sent via e-mail may be read within your computer as a document file or printed out.

Payment is accepted through PayPal - a highly secure service that is free for you to transfer funds. You may pay by credit card or bank debit through them. PayPal has a currency calculator and exchange for various countries.

You are welcome to pay by check or money order. Only US checks and money orders are processed. Keep in mind that this may take several days, but you will be notified. No refunds once the materials have been sent.

Every parent or guardian takes their own responsibility about what is best for each child and is ultimately responsible. These reports are informative based on astrology analysis. Every individual may live up to any potential.

For your Astrological Compass for Children please send the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender – Boy or Girl
  • Birth Date (State the month in written form, i.e., Janurary rather than ; Example: January 3, 2003)
  • Birth Time (Be sure to include A.M. or P.M.; Example: 9:05 A.M.)
  • Birth Place (This is the town or city and state. If a small town, please also mention the next larger town so that I may locate it. For outside the US, state also the country and any needed details for correctly finding the longitude and latitude.) Note: Sometimes there is more than one town by the same name within a state or even a county.

Send to:
and place in the Subject line: Children's Report; You will be given the PayPal account information in your response email.

Remember - the report may be for a new born baby, or a teen. Even if you wish to know about yourself as an adult, there is insight about the potentials you may never have fulfilled. It's never too late!

To order a report send an e-mail to and specify your payment choice - check, money order, or PayPal. Include the birth data and specify boy or girl with the name. Birth information required is name, boy or girl, birth date, time and place. You will be sent the mailing address or PayPal account information when your request has been verified. If you want an in-person or telephone session that may be scheduled – details are on the Consultations page.