Sandra Helton is a teacher, minister and medium. She studied with Rev. B. Anne Gehman and the Spiritual Research Society, at Astrology Dynamics founded by Sybil Leek and Charles Luntz and has certifications and degrees in the fields of  mediumship, astrology, ministry, clinical hypnotherapy and psychology. 

Sandra is columnist and astrologer for Shirley MacLaine - to read her weekly column click, 
Your Celestial Compass that includes daily information plus a weekly message for all 12 signs. She is now columnist for the great new magazine, Dynamic Living Magazine that you may read on line.


Classes in Cassadaga are being scheduled based on availability of classroom space. Notice will be posted when they begain again.

Develop your intuitive ability to enhance your life, for greater awareness, creativity & spiritual growth.

Classes include a lecture, discussion & 
meditation. All welcome anytime.

Learn about these and other topics:
Psychic Perception
Spirit Communication
Dream analysis
Spirit Realms
Color & Sound
Earth Energies
Other Dimensions
Message Interpretation
Paranormal Research
Astral Travel
Life Beyond Death
Pet & Animal Spirits
Other Intelligences
Remote Viewing
Seasonal Energy
Spirit Guides
Angelic Visitations
Cosmic influence
The Aura
Secret Societies
With qualified teaching you are guided to unfold your own inate abilities for personal enrichment, to further your career and gain understanding of your spiritual path.
Sandra Helton teaches classes and individual tutoring in person, by phone or Skype.

She designed her own method of teaching unfoldment that is highly successful.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Schedule subject to change for holidays or emergencies.
Classes, Workshops Seminars & Lectures
In-person, tele-conference and Internet
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Explore Your Spiritual World
Classes .. Workshops .. Seminars .. Lectures

Astrology for Today & Tomorrow  
Sunday February 25, 2018 Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL /  2- 4:30PM
$22.00 includes educational handouts
Learn ways to connect with the cosmos and divine order; how to cope and thrive in current times, dissolve stress, overload, and uncertainty to create a peaceful, progressive lifestyle. Turn negativity into tools for growth. Topics include what the future holds, why things happen, the new consciousness of the Age of Aquarius and your place in this new era through your astrology sign. 

Astrology for Everyone, Beginner to Advanced Sunday April 29, 2018 
Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL / 2-4:30PM
$22.00 includes educational handouts.
What is your cosmic connection and individual soul journey?
Revelations about the ancient art of astrology and where the world is going in the 21st Century and this millennium. Guidelines for understanding your birth chart. Free birth chart with advance registration. A chart is not necessary to learn from this workshop. 

Interpret Your Dreams Sunday June 10, 2018 2-4:30PM  
Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL $22.00 / Free educational handouts and dream journal pages
Dreaming is YOUR journey wherein you can initiate the shamanic-self and transform your life. Understand symbols; resolve issues, receive healing, connect with spirit guides, see the future and other lifetimes; connect to other dimensions and more. How to make a dream journal, analyze images and details.

​Jump Off the Karmic Train! 
Sunday August 12, 2018 2-4:30PM, Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL $22.00
Go beyond concepts of karma cause and effect, and dogma, to the freedom to create your own reality. It’s become evident that concepts of payback for bad deeds and reward for thinking good thoughts are not carved in stone. Discover ways to thrive and manifest your ultimate abilities and soul mission and ow to break free from ideas of predestination.

DNA Transformation-Ancient Memories
Connect to Ancestors for Transformation & Personal Empowerment  
Sunday September 30, 2018 2- 4:30PM, Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL, $22.00
Your heritage is empowerment through ancestral experience. Connection to ancestors offers healing, liberation from family issues, wisdom of generations, and opens you to family as spirit guides. DNA holds the Key of Knowledge. Sandra discusses possibilities to change the past, alter the present and liberate you to create your own future. Your own journey through time. 

A percentage of each of the workshops in Cassadaga go to the Spiritualist Camp.​

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