Sandra Helton is a teacher, minister and medium. She studied with Rev. B. Anne Gehman and the Spiritual Research Society, at Astrology Dynamics founded by Sybil Leek and Charles Luntz and has certifications and degrees in the fields of  mediumship, astrology, ministry, pastoral counsel, clinical hypnotherapy and psychology. 

Sandra has been the columnist and astrologer for Shirley MacLaine for 20yrs.

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for 2018 and 2019

​Jump Off the Karmic Train! 
Go beyond concepts of karma cause and effect, and dogma, to the freedom to create your own reality. It’s become evident that concepts of payback for bad deeds and reward for thinking good thoughts are not carved in stone. Discover ways to thrive and manifest your ultimate abilities and soul mission and ow to break free from ideas of predestination.

DNA Transformation-Ancient Memories
Connect to Ancestors for 
Transformation & Personal Empowerment  
Sunday September 30, 2018 2- 4:30PM, Davis Hall, Cassadaga, FL, $22.00
Your heritage is empowerment through ancestral experience. Connection to ancestors offers healing, liberation from family issues, wisdom of generations, and opens you to family as spirit guides. DNA holds the Key of Knowledge. Sandra discusses possibilities to change the past, alter the present and liberate you to create your own future. Your own journey through time. 

Astrology for Tomorrow
Predictions for the 12 Signs and World

Who are Your Gatekeepers?

Star Gate Access
Wisdom & Knowledge of the Stars

Develop Intuition through Dreams & Meditation

Which Superhero are You?
Astrology as Personal Archetypes

Tap into the Wisdom of Your Ancestors

A percentage of each of the workshops in Cassadaga go to the Spiritualist Camp.​
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