Astrology Consultations & Readings

It's best to be available at least 15 minutes of extra time in the event it is needed to explain something to you in more depth. Extra time is completely free.

Information needed for astrology sessions:

Birth Date:
The month, day of the month, and the year. Please specify in written form the month rather than a number. (Different countries write out the sequence of month, day and year differently.) Example: July 2, 1955

Birth Time: 
Provide your exact time of birth and specify A.M. or P.M. If the time is unknown, sunrise will be used. 

Birth Place: 
The town or city and state and, if another country, any specifics of location. If you were born in a small town then also mention the next nearest larger town and the county so that the correct longitude and latitude may be known for calculations of the birth chart.

Contact Information: 
Provide a telephone number, mailing address and/or e-mail address for a way to reach you.

Requested Compensation:

Astrology Consultation: 155 US dollars (As of June 1, 2021)
*Natal birth chart interpretation
*Karmic interpretation
*Your spiritual path
*Synastry (compatibility between 2 people): 185

Personal Counsel/Mentoring: 

55 for the initial session and 35 for subsequent sessions unless other arrangements are made. 

Compensation methods:

Check or cash may be sent by postal mail or ground delivery services. Cash should be sent Priority Mail to ensure confirmation of delivery. Credit Cards and Check debit may be used through Paypal. *Paypal is highly secure and will assist you with currency exchange.)

Recordings upon request.

Recordings are only a recording of the reading and not the reading. Mechanical or technical error can happen so there's no guarantee. A recording is deleted once received so isn't kept in files.

Once you have an appointment scheduled you may send compensation to arrive least 24 hours prior that is confirmation of your appointment.

Readings provide information gleaned at the time of the session to the best of the practitioners ability. Limitations are in areas of health, either, physical, mental or emotional. It's always recommended one seek professional care for all medical needs. One should also seek appropriate and professional advice for legal matters. Sometimes there are energies seen through the chart analysis that is mentioned and discussed from an analysis of the chart. The reading is intended to give information about astrology and the individual chart. Clients are responsible for how the information is interpreted and every client is informed in advanced verbally and in writing of details about the process. 

Sandra does not read for minors, does not offer information about health or transition. Should you need medical or legal advice please consult with a profession in those areas.

Compatibility charts between children and parents or guardians are often beneficial to gain greater understanding of the dynamics between them. Required is birth data of all parties. Compensation is the same as a personal consultation.

Healing is available upon request and anyone may be placed on the healing list that is a free service. Requests may be sent via email.

Sandra works as an ordained minister giving readings based on her beliefs.

Time and effort is needed to prepare charts for readings and counsel. Compensation is for that, therefore, there are generally no refunds. At least 24 hour notice is required for cancellation. When a sufficient refund is deemed appropriate allow 30 days for processing. There are no refunds for readings and counsel received.


Astrology - Future Projections
A look into where you are today and what the future cosmic cycles mean. An in-depth analysis of future cycles influencing your chart.

Astrology - Esoteric (spiritual) Reading
The spiritual crisis of today has prompted many to seek to know about the soul’s purpose. Through esoteric astrology, Sandra guides you to a greater understanding and gives you insightful information about the spiritual aspects of your birth chart. As well, she integrates the dynamics of your life in the present and gives you information about your choices for the future. 

These readings have proven to be powerful and empowering tools for helping you to know more about your spiritual self and how to develop your own unique gifts and abilities.

You may learn more about astrology by going to the Astrology Page.


Personal counseling sessions are designed for each individuals needs. A typical session will include assessment and recommendations of a plan for you.

Based on natural law, the goal is to assist you in discovering your patterns of behavior and how you have come to be where you are today. Empowered with this knowledge you may then move forward more positively and constructively in your life.

Spiritual (ministerial) counseling is like mentoring and life coaching, with the addition of intuitive skills and higher guidance and is confidential.

Sandra offers insight and transformational tools for you to utilize based on your specific needs.

If you are scheduling a series of sessions the initial session is $55 and any scheduled sessions that follow are $35.

Astrology consultations and spiritual counsel help you 

  • make decisions
  • determine your best direction
  • see a greater perspective
  • understand your world
  • be empowered
  • have inner peace
  • connect with your spirit
  • create a better future
With a stressed filled world, more people turn to spirituality for support and solace. Sandra offers counsel from a perspective that is non-dogmatic, believing that everyone may begin to transform and progress at any time. 

She teaches methods to find answers with techniques and intuitive insights that is a gentle process with the goal of a more purposeful life.

Rev. Helton serves spirit, which is explained in her quote, "Knowing we are whole in spirit and that life circumstances reflect a mix of beliefs, I assist each to see their own potential.  A belief carries its own energy and so, is a manifestation of whatever is happening in one's life.  There are many probabilities that each may choose as part of free will."

Astrology consultations are not cookie cutter readings or a computer generated printout. All sessions are based on your own personal birth data and her analysis of your chart. She compares it to what’s happening in the heavens right now and in the future to know where you are and about future cycles. You receive in-depth information and time frames for planning and decision making. 

Sessions by phone save you time and money. You may record the session or she can provide that service if needed. Most appointments last approximately an hour though sometimes may go a bit longer if necessary to explain something or if you have questions. 

Everything in today's world is accelerated and there are many people offering astrology readings but lack sufficient education and knowledge. Sandra studied this vast topic many years and continues to do research. She began by taking in-class courses at one of the first and only formal schools of astrology founded by famed British astrologer and author, Sybil Leek. Her certificates were awarded after written and oral exams with requirement of the addition of thorough knowledge and expertise of calculation. From there she continued advanced studies and followed wherever she could find a qualified teacher for tutoring to learn as much as possible. She considers this, as well as her ministry that believes in Natural Law, and aspects of prophecy as professed in the Bible.

She stated in a recent interview when asked about the popularity of astrology: “I love that so many people are studying astrology and especially love teaching it, yet disheartened when seeing someone, a novice, has set up a practice and hasn't’ invested the time or effort to learn it thoroughly. The excitement of its validity is only the beginning of the journey of education. Astrology requires long-term dedication and realizing each bit of data is not independent of all the other thousands of bits that put together creates the whole of the chart. Someone may be a Scorpio but that’s a core character trait and certainly not the entire definition of them. Their rising sign (the astrology sign on the horizon of the earth at the time of birth) and all the other planet placements plus how those planets interact with each other forms the persons character that includes their strengths and also challenges. I read a chart to empower and to enlighten clients may have something to work with after we’ve talked. Anyone can explain a personality trait or entertain a client but my goal is to give them as much insight as possible, going well beyond telling them about something they most likely already know. It’s vital to me to inform them about their current circumstances and what ahead. I like to provide dates and details of what to expect so they can plan, decide what to do, and how to handle the energy before them. While I’m with a client I focus only what I see that may be of greatest benefit to help them make decisions. Just as people are not the same, no chart is either, and that’s the core of a reading that a professional astrologer or anyone counseling should be able to delve into  with knowledge to see the difference.”

Sandra’s method of reading is choice centered in that it is understood that everyone should exercise their own free-will. The reading is intended to offer an analysis of the chart based on study and interpretation for the purpose of giving insight that is hoped will be beneficial for greater understanding of astrology. Her focus and information is based on her understanding of astrology and is in accordance with her religious practices that include the belief in natural and spiritual laws. By requesting a reading each client accepts full responsibility for the reading presented. Sandra does not diagnose or prescribe or discuss death nor will answer questions pertaining to those subjects. This additional information is provided: It is understood that you have asked Sandra to provide an intuitive astrology reading and that it is for your personal use and enjoyment. The nature and purpose of the reading is to assist you in gaining insight into astrology and your astrology chart, so that you may gain a greater understanding of yourself and your experience.  It is not intended to substitute for any professional advice such as financial, legal, medical, or psychological. You are in charge of your own life and decisions, and responsible for your actions that you may or may not take as a result of the reading or perspective presented. Sandra Helton is released from any liability for acts, omissions or consequences related to the content, conduct, production or distribution of her readings to you and all others who succeed to your interests. Sandra’s method of reading is choice centered in that it is understood that everyone should exercise their own free-will. The reading is intended to offer an analysis of the chart based on study and interpretation for the purpose of giving insight that is hoped will be beneficial for greater understanding of astrology. Her focus and information is based on her understanding of astrology and is in accordance with her religious practices that include the belief in natural and spiritual laws. By requesting a reading each client accepts full responsibility for the reading presented. Sandra does not diagnose or prescribe or discuss death nor will answer questions pertaining to those subjects. 
"Plan your future with professional guidance."
A Few Questions and Answers

Can you tell me what’s wrong with me and about my health?
No. There is what is known as medical astrology that is very detailed although it is not information Sandra provides. She always recommends clients seek professional advice and help regarding all health related concerns, legal matters or emotional problems. Astrology is not a substitute for medical care.

Can you tell me when I’ll die?
No. Much may be seen in a chart including conditions of passing yet that is for each soul to determine and choose. Research has shown that the doorway opens more than once.

Is this the person I’ll marry?
When clients want to know if he/she is a soul mate or the one who will become a partner its recommend they consider the relationship itself rather than what may happen since the other person also has free will and choice. Also, she does not work with third party charts without permission of that person. There is a method of seeing compatibility that’s helpful for couples to gain greater understanding of how they are interacting.

Will I win the lottery?
That isn’t in the realm of astrology.
provide information about your birth chart, progressed chart, current and future cycles, karmic and other lifetimes, your spiritual path and business charting.

“Astrology is a tool that provides answers to the why of life and looks into the future so that clients may plan and make the best decisions exclusively for each. Every chart is different, as are needs so I work with each person based on where they are in the moment and what they want to fulfill. Sessions go in the direction most needed. I emphasize that free will is always in action and that the astrology chart is a wonderful esoteric education of insight into the self.”  

is an enriching and economical way to gain clarity and wisdom about your life path. Scheduling is at your own pace. Intuition and understanding of natural and spiritual principles are part of the process.

 “In today’s world stress and complex lifestyles are a lot to cope with. People lose perspective and become overwhelmed so having a personal counselor and guide help to see and learn the why and how of it all" 

If you are unsure, unclear, or just need to talk about your life counseling sessions are insightful, confidential and ideal.


for may be by phone that saves travel, time and expense. Each is designed with instruction to guide you based on your level of awareness and development.

“I believe everyone is psychic as that it’s a natural part of life though often untapped and overlooked. Discovering your innate gifts and knowing how to utilize them can benefit your personal life and business and be quite empowering. Many discover that this type of development enhances their own beliefs and strengthens their life choices.”

Sandra’s counsel combines several methods that create a thorough supportive process for clients to discover their own motivations, the how and why of circumstances and ways to resolve issues toward restoring wholeness and clarity of purpose. 

More and more the world is stressed, that even when we are aware and intellectually understand is still a lot to manage and understand. Constant bombardment of news and streams of communication impacts the mind and emotions that is distracting in numerous ways.

Sandra states, “It’s important to be aware of the present and find ways to sort out problems, concerns and fears as well as to have support for things you just prefer not to discuss with others in a thorough in-depth way. The genuine therapist puts the client first and listens intently to what is on their mind. It’s imperative to come from a place of respect. My beliefs keep me focused and down to earth. I give to others what I hope to receive for myself including confidentiality. People need confidants and someone there for them from the heart. Through that channel and with intuition, my beliefs and Natural Law I connect with others to help them discover a sense of purpose and how to work on improving their lives. 

What is Natural Law?

Natural Law is the process of interaction in life. There are many natural and spiritual laws though the foundation is the Law of Cause and Effect often interpreted as, “you reap what you sew,” “karma” and any number of definitions describing consequence of actions.

“As a Spiritualist minister I work with Natural Law and the belief that there are always solutions. Spiritualism is a non-dogmatic 3-fold religion that allows working with clients based on their own beliefs and philosophies without imposing guilt or shame. The opportunity for healing is ever present.”

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