Sandra’s counsel combines several methods that create a thorough supportive process for clients to discover their own motivations, the how and why of circumstances and ways to resolve issues and restore wholeness and clarity of purpose. 

More and more the world is stressed, that even when we are aware and intellectually understand is still a lot to handle. The constant bombardment of news and streams of communication pulls on the mind and emotions that are distracting in numerous ways. People are tired, overworked, concerned, even as multitasking has become normal daily existence.

Sandra states, “It’s important to be aware of the present and find ways to sort out problems, concerns and fears, as well as to have support for things you just can’t discuss with others in a thorough in-depth way. The genuine therapist puts the client first and listens intently to what is on their mind. It’s imperative to come from a place of respect. Repeatedly I see professionals in all walks of life that are intent on success measured by monetary gain, and while it’s appropriate to be rewarded for services, that entitlement should be a result of sincere honest work on behalf of clients, patients or customers. Whatever one does, it should be real. My beliefs keep me focused and down to earth because I base my counsel on just that, my beliefs. I give to others what I hope to receive for myself including confidentiality. People need confidants and someone who is there for them from the heart. Through that channel and with intuition, my beliefs and Natural Law I connect with others to help them have a sense of purpose and work on improving their lives. 

What is Natural Law?
Natural Law is the process of interaction in life. There are many though the primary one is the Law of Cause and Effect often interpreted as, “you reap what you sew,” “karma” and any number of definitions describing consequence of actions.

“As a Spiritualist minister I work with Natural Law and the belief that there is always a solution to everything. Spiritualism is a non-dogmatic religion that allows me to work with clients based on their own beliefs and philosophies without imposing such things as guilt or shame. The opportunity for healing is ever present in all circumstances.”

Clients sometimes schedule once though many benefit and enjoy periodic sessions to discuss how they’re doing, learn how to deal with new issues, work on how to take the next step, and life management in general. The pace and choice is for you to decide.

The initial consultation is generally an hour. Requested compensation is $55. All sessions following are $35 per hour. Sometimes someone wants to address something specific that doesn’t require the full hour. Half hour or less is $25. These are not psychic readings.

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