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Personal Counsel combines several methods for a supportive process to assist clients toward discovering their own motivations, the how and why of circumstances and ways to resolve issues toward the goal of healing. 

The bombardment of news streams and social media can confuse and disrupt individual thinking and objective perspective that adds to stress. 

Sandra states, “It’s important to be aware of the present and find ways to sort through issues, concerns and fears, as well as to have support for things you just can’t discuss with others in a thorough in-depth way. Genuine support includes listening and confidentiality. It’s imperative to come from a place of respect. Through channels of focus and intuition as well as an understanding of Natural Law and divine connections there are always unfolding answers and ways to progress.”

What is Natural Law?
Natural Law is the process of interaction in life using logic and principles in nature such as the Law of Cause and Effect that is, “you reap what you sew,” “karma” and any number of definitions describing the consequence of action and reaction. This is a part of Spiritualism which is threefold, a religion, a science and a philosophy.

Sandra frequently looks at an individual astrological chart to see celestial influences, and as well she works with her spirit guides and those in higher spiritual realms for guidance. (This is from a ministerial/pastoral perspective.)

The initial consultation is generally half an hour to gain an understanding of the need and to determine if spiritual counsel is appropriate. Requested compensation is $55. Any sessions that may follow are $35 per hour.