This music, media and art page isn't yet ready though for now I'm featuring this exceptional artist to launch its beginning.

It's my opinion that: Music transforms, opening time portals.
Art, as paintings and sculpture can be keys to other dimensions.
Movies and media creations transform the soul.

What survives through times is, art - paintings, sculpture, poetry, books and music.

Interesting to research: Nothing can travel faster than light… except for sound. This is the claim of some US physicists, who say they have designed an unusual wave-guide to make sound move at “super-luminal” 
We have spirit bodies that responds to subtle influences and it's that body which resonates to sound.

Music is a profound experience.
Third Rock Radio

 NASA’s Third Rock Radio, produced and published by Houston-based RFC Media LLC under a Space Act Agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Extraordinary ability from the heart and soul of all that's right with the world. Maria Daines, Singer/songwriter working with guitarist/producer Paul Killington.
With thousands of bands and individual artists it's impossible to recommend "just a few" so it's for you to decide what sounds draw you to them. There's no standard of what is worthwhile - not for me anyway - so I won't be stating what's not good or what might be negative. I hear and read all the time that rock music is negative which, in my personal opinion is worthwhile and frequently preferable to some in the New Age that's pseudo and not genuinely coming from the heart. 

The alchemy of sound, frequency, and music is a special site. Each month will be a profile of an artist – musician, singer, composer and their astrology charts. Upcoming are reviews about how music influences the world and how you can tap into its wonders for enrichment and development. Insight about how to utilize sound and music for healing, magick, and how to develop clairaudience, psychic hearing. It's here ..
Recently published on Patreon is the astrology chart and interpretation. Here's a portion:

From Viking Warriors and Knights of Camelot comes Dave Gahan

Dave Gahan was born on May 9, 1962 in England.

He’s double Taurus because in addition to his Sun placement his ascendant, rising sign, is also Taurus. This means he’s also double Earth of the four elements (fire, earth, air and water) giving him ability to be focused and with the Moon dignified in its ruling sign Cancer he’s a good businessman even if other factors don’t appear to warrant it. The first thing standing out to me that I consider very significant is he has a direct and active guardian angel on his shoulder due to Jupiter in Pisces in his twelfth house. I’ve always noticed those indications and it explains much about his near death experiences and also his ability to bounce back from adversity. Jupiter governs his eighth house of death that is a saving grace and as well allows him to keep going, like a cat with nine lives, to fulfill many aspirations. From his success through Depeche Mode and more currently Soulsavers he shines with power and precision marked by Mercury and Venus in Gemini that are both his voice and ability to communicate and also sheer talent which is Venus. His style is graceful and he has perfect rhythm and timing, a result of Mercury in Gemini, the planet ruling the sign and Mars also in the sign it rules, Aries. The Moon is in the sign it rules, Cancer that benefits public appearance and acknowledgement and in an angle as is the Sun he rose to fame. 

Unusual and significant is that he has two Yods in his birth chart that indicate a life with several sharp turns into different and out-of-ordinary directions. One Yod is unusual and two doubles that energy of synchronicity...
Dave Gahan
Information is being added to the Patreon site:
Music, Sound & Clairaudience
Looking to the future of who's and who'll make positive waves in the world. He's ultra intelligent and aware on many levels.
Post Malone born July 4. Here's one of his video.
"Isolation" by Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp
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