This music, media and art page isn't yet ready though for now I'm featuring this exceptional artist to launch its beginning.

It's my opinion that: Music transforms, opening time portals.
Art, as paintings and sculpture can be keys to other dimensions.
Movies and media creations transform the soul.

What survives through times is, art - paintings, sculpture, poetry, books and music.

Interesting to research: Nothing can travel faster than light… except for sound. This is the claim of some US physicists, who say they have designed an unusual wave-guide to make sound move at “super-luminal” 

Post Malone 
is one of the geniuses representing the Age of Aquarius and birth of the next 2,000 years. This video is just one of his many great compositions.
Born July 4 
(no birth time yet.)

Keys: Future; renaissance; ancient Egypt; medieval; nobility
Never underestimate the spiritual qualities of many heavy metal bands.

I find amazing lyrics of the highest metaphysical awareness.

Can only imagine the benefits to those unaware there's more to the universe than meets the eye. 

There's truth about sound traveling faster than light.
We have spirit bodies that responds to subtle influences and it's that body that resonates to sound.

Music is a profound experience.
I'm still continuing to work on the YouTube channel that includes a list about animal advocacy featuring those in the music industry dedicating some of their songs and music to benefit animals and nature. As well there's a list of utilizing music, and sound, for healing and other positive avenues.
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