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In Manhattan, New York is the 
annual rising of the Sun, 
Manhattanhenge, in perfect
alignment between buildings,
specifically along 42st and 
34thand 14th streets on 
July 12 and13.

What does it mean? The event
originally caught my attention 
because of other places in the
world so aligned such as 
Stonehenge and pyramids 
in Egypt. Attention alone is energy manifesting. A portal opens and focus aligns you with elements involved that’s a time-space connection. 

In this instance the Sun is the attention and right now correlating are Dog Days commonly thought for the hottest part of the summer although is ancient in origin. The cycle is generally July 3 to August 11 when the star Sirius rises with the Sun over the Nile River in Egypt, correlating with the onset of flooding that produces abundant crops to harvest.

Sirius is in the Canis Major constellation, also called the Dog Star, is very bright and recognized in astronomy and science for profound enigmatic mystery. 

These strange times on our planet are a swirl of emotion and reaction to events in which we’re all engulfed one way or another. From an alchemical perspective Dog Days benefit tuning into its energy of knowledge and wisdom. All are at a crossroads ranging from striving to survive, to the crossroads known in music communities, to initiation into higher consciousness. Wisdom is the key that isn’t learned but comprehended. You either link into it or remain on the outside. All souls reach crossroads individually and collectively that, during the process, critically challenges rationality and purpose. Many are acting out the most common denominator of how far humankind can lower while others linked through heart connections remain whole. Frequency is the foundation that continually births reality. Free will affords direction at crossroads.


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