Are there Really 13 Signs in the Zodiac?

Response to the recent flap created by the Minnesota Astronomical Society stating astrology is wrong and that there are 13 signs: Western astrology is based on the Tropical Zodiac that is fixed in relation to the seasons so nothing has changed. As well, the information is not new. I have an 30 year old book on the subject and it is something that pops up every so often. All is well - you are still in tact and no one has to change their tattoos.


It has been on the national news about animals being abandoned and given up due to economic changes. Isn’t that further reason to promote spay and neuter programs? It is ridiculous in these times for people to continue to breed and it is the ones who are doing it for money that are the ones who have added to the current crisis. Continue to promote an end to backyard breeders and puppy mills and do not tolerate those who are using their pets to make extra money. They will tell you that they love their pets and that they find good homes for them and that is not just a stupid excuse, but criminal. They should sell themselves which would at least be their choice – the pets don’t have a choice. Rescue groups and shelters are overrun and many are being euthanized daily now because they have no place for them. Animals including horses are being thrown out in forests and just everywhere. If you are too delicate to know about it please do not write me with your woes. I have no time to coddle and serve you. Someone recently told me that she just can’t see the stories because it is upsetting. Gee, she should try being the dog or cat that is going through the horror – that might be just a bit more upsetting. That sort of logic is not an expression of love for animals. One does not have to watch the horrors unfolding as most of us already know what is going on, but those who are living in such a cocooned world need to stay out of the way of the rest of us who are busy doing something. It cost nothing to sign a petition and it takes only moments. As well, one may sign most of them anonymously. So, what’s the excuse for not doing that?

Two links about Amish animal abuse: 

Michael  Vick will soon be able to have dogs when his 3 year ban is up. He has been interviewed and says he wants one. He always talks about himself and it's clear to most he is no different that the psychopath that tortured and slaughtered many dogs. He has been rewarded by the football team that hired him for many millions of dollars, he recently married the vulgar woman that praises him and his life goes on with complete sanction as if nothing happened. He has not shown that he is regretful other than for being caught. He has done the minimum to get out of the situation of being caught. There are plenty of sites that have petitions to sign in protest of Subway that honored him with the Sportsman of the Year aware and the shoe company that took him back on as a representative. Sometimes people do serve their time and evolve but so far no one I know has witnessed that from him. He's the perfect poster representation of the cowardice and fear in society that will not demand deserving players be hired instead of him and the evil in the world. 
New page with article about the Chinese New Year of the Horse for 2014 explaining its meaning and the element and color plus the correlation to Western astrology and what to expect.

I've added a new page. To see both new and full moons calculated for Greenwich, England and Washington, D.C. go to the Lunation Page that includes lunar phases, calendar and as soon as possible I'll add more information. 
Her name was Alice.

Today is the quarter point in the heavens between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox when the Sun is in Aquarius. 

The name itself explains much – candle = flame and mas = mass or celebration. 

The Earth begins the first signs of rebirth and life. All of nature stirs to awaken through budding of trees and many animals begin preparing to start families. To be in sync with this time of year, many celebrate by lighting bonfires and having church services to pay reverence. This is a wonderful time to align with nature and acknowledge the great awakening that is also within you. A single candle flame is sufficient. Having a meal with intention, accepting that you will be moving forward into a new time of greater light and blessings is also sufficient. If you find a bunch of people frolicking on a hillside with torches then great! Otherwise, your own personal moment of connecting is just as meaningful.