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To be a minister is to serve through dedication to spiritual principles and concepts. Most religions believe that life continues beyond the death of the physical body, and also believe that there is a definite dwelling in another plane or dimension to which we gravitate toward when we leave this Earth existence.

As a minister, I am dedicated to honoring that reality and personally believe that not only do humans go toward that plane, but so does all life.

The realm beyond our known conscious world is encompassing of a like reality to ours where we may commune, work and grow. The levels of evolvement are in line with our needs for growth and comfort, and in each reality we have help and love from the many other spiritual beings who are already there in service for those specific purposes.

Spiritualism teaches the concepts of  Natural Law. The 7th principle states that we are aligned with Nature's physical and spiritual laws and therefore subject to them. This is explained by the energy of the order of the universe and as long as we live in this dimension we are working with that energy. Once that concept is comprehended, life becomes easier to understand and we may then begin to align more comfortably to create harmony and a positive and progressive life.

Metaphysics is about the many mystical realms and reaches beyond the concept of natural law. To study metaphysics is a life long journey. There are many beliefs, concepts, theories and disciplines, and metaphysics is the core of them all.

The call to ministry is a call to elevate ones own spirit and embrace the esoteric, allowing the mundane world to become secondary. - Rev Sandra Helton
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Your home becomes a sacred space by your choice.
Rev Sandra Helton:

Serving as ...
Ministerial Counselor
Ministerial Council, chairperson
Certifying Evaluator
Ministerial Advisor

In addition: Serves globally those of numerous faiths as well as honoring animals as sentient beings through prayer, healing, and advocacy. 

Sandra conducts a Daily Global Prayer Circle for Animals. At sunrise she begins the circle that may be joined by anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world. It's always sunrise somewhere and the animals are always in need of mercy, healing and deliverance from evil perpetrated by humankind. A minute in prayer is effective when collectively joined.

Ministerial counsel is confidential and addresses individual needs. 
Daily Global Prayers for Animals

Each day at sunrise, please take a few moments to pray for the animals and to project love and humane treatment for them. For each thought there is a reaction and the more who will do this, the more the likely-hood that changes will take place.

It is always sunrise somewhere in the world, so no matter where you are, at sunrise, you can join this continuous chain, and so keep the love for the animals alive.

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Pythagoras – Mathematician said:
"The stars in the heavens sing a music if only we had ears to hear."
Healing Prayer

I ask the great unseen healing force
To remove all obstructions
From my mind and body
And to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and honesty
And I will do my part.

I ask this great unseen healing force
To help both present and absent ones
Who are in need of help
And to restore them to perfect health.

I put my trust in the love and power of God.
 One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Jung
Prayers and healing are conducted twice daily.

You are welcome to send your name and request for prayers and healing. I conduct services for animals that are ill and passing to spirit and for their guardians. Nothing is more sacred than caring for and loving the innocent, the voiceless and that we, as humans have rendered dependent upon us. 

Prayer has an effect on everything. We are all surrounded by angelic beings, spirit guides and those in higher dimensions who are here to help. Don't be concerned that you may not be heard or that you must pray constantly for results. Sincerity is the key.
Sandra has been an ordained minister for 25 years, during which time she has served as a pastor, pastoral counselor, officiated weddings, naming services, blessings, services for the departed, and also conducts house blessings for homes, businesses and land. She conducts special services for pets for their blessing when adopted and their time of passing to spirit. She established the world-side Prayer Circle for Animals and you are welcome to participate. Every day at sunrise she sends prayers out for humankind to awaken with love and compassion for all the animals on our home planet and especially for those suffering at the hands of people. She says, "Don't worry about the time, it's always sunrise somewhere, so when you think of it, just think or whisper a few words of love and kindness. To be merciful to that and those who can't say thank you or will never know you is a glorious act of God."
Ministerial Counsel

Spiritual guidance through ministerial counsel is a wonderful way to acquire understanding about yourself and how you have come to be where you are today. Sandra offers personal counsel designed specifically for each client based on individual needs. She provides a supportive, confidential atmosphere wherein you may discuss your issues and receive guidance to help you heal, find ways to overcome difficulty and create a better life. Spiritualism is non dogmatic so there are no tasks of judgment or penance, but clear understandable principles that are to encourage and uplift. Scheduling is easy and phone appointments make it possible to speak with her from anywhere in the world. Compensation is economical. She believes that each individual has abilities and a divine plan. For more information see the Consultation Page.
About Healing

Healing doesn’t have to be “conditional.” If you’re asked to provide healing it’s natural to ask about the person or pet and sometime I ask about a pet that I’m asked to add to my prayer list and list for healing by abscentia. My reason for asking is to see the animal, know his/her name and through love send my petition on through higher dimensions. Otherwise, even with them and with all else, the reason healing is needed isn’t necessary to know. The individual spirit knows what’s needed and strive to right itself automatically. All that is created strives to return to divine harmony. To project, visualize, and pray is about the spirit and soul that will right itself toward balance and harmony with the universe and their creation. To evolve beyond suffering is natural and reasonable and suffering isn’t punishment. 
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A Lot Can Happen in Three Days
Sandra Helton

Throughout April is a flow between dynamic Aries and rays of Taurus with the first global event being Easter on April 4. The principle of resurrection, rebirth, transmutation and beginning again is celebrated by millions, beginning with Good Friday Easter on Sunday that totals three days. The Spring Equinox, when the zodiacal wheel began again at zero degrees Aries, the celestial New Year is also about renewal of life. Plant life blooms and animals bring forth young. Even in the Southern Hemisphere the cycle reversed is an axis of the fullness of fall. 

Numerous synchronicities led me to review again the concept of new beginnings, especially the principle of three days being a complete cycle in itself that speaks volumes about purpose, intention and action. Time is only relevant to first making a decision that when acted upon begins a new season. Regardless of theories and beliefs about Easter, the metaphysical principle is profound and available to every spirit to experience. Within the intensity of all that goes with the pandemic there’ve been so much more happening for individuals and in the world of immeasurable toll. Brightness occurred such as cleaner air and nature thriving that soon turned to blight and anguish, challenging faith and hope. People are still in a quandary while striving to move forward. Numerous species have become extinct and the fate of much hangs waiting on the scales. Scales represent two – challenge to harmonize. If you’re strong you’re more able to help bring balance to yourself, to others and to all life, even beyond this dimension and throughout time.

Three is the number of perfection, completeness – omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. You are the third factor, being birthed from the union of two, so you’re a divine spirit of manifested perfection. This means you have within the ability to resurrect and begin with a new reality, ideally of the heart. These are times of great shifts calling to align. As you define purpose that is passion from the heart and make a decision to manifest it you live a more supernatural and synchronistic life. The Equinox says, be brave and take a step, and Easter says accept the divinity within that’s your birth right. Both are about transformation toward the trinity of life where spiritual union is realized. What is lived within the trinity is divinely guided. 

A lot can happen in three days