​As an astrologer and teacher of metaphysics Sandra’s journey has not been just study, but also encounters of the most extraordinary kind. From early beginnings, being taught by parents who embraced spirituality, her education has been life long. From formal studies through a Spiritualist church to studying at one of the first formal astrology schools in the United States, Astrology Dynamics, and continuing other studies in psychology and ministry, her path has led to interesting events. Sandra: “It's my belief that if you engage in life from the heart you will also meet your highest destiny and have many extraordinary opportunities.”

This is a partial list of those people who have influenced her life either as teachers or as friends - each distinguished in their own right.

Rev. B. Anne Gehman was Sandra's first teacher of Spiritualism, mediumship and psychic development. She has two books about her life, the first, "The Priest and the Medium" about her and her husband Dr Wayne Knoll.

Rev. Gehman is founder of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, NSAC* and the Spiritual Research Society, NSAC, where Sandra studied directly with Anne and obtained certifications in mediumship and healing.

         *NSAC stands for the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Anne was the youngest person to become a certified medium with the NSAC.
She is
A NSAC National Spiritualist Teacher
Certified medium
Commissioned healer
NSAC as a missionary
Serves on the board of Morris Pratt Institute
Elected to the International Congress of Parapsychologists and paraphysics in Prague, Czechoslovakia

You may read about her in the books, “Miracle Workers”, “Adventures into the Psychic”, and “You Can Communicate with the Unseen World.” Anne is listed among the top 100 Psychics in the country, and has worked with the University of Arizona on a research study regarding after death communication, which is documented in the book, "After Life Experiments" by Dr. Gary Swartz & Linda Russek.

Her credits are too numerous to mention, but you may read about her on her church web site. Look for the new school being formed that is the first accredited Spiritualist College.

 A special note regarding Anne's husband, Wayne that was a shinning light on the earth and is certainly a bright guiding light from the spirit side of life.

Dr. Wayne A. Knoll, distinguished Professor at Georgetown University, died at his Springfield home on November 10, 2013. Knoll, a former Jesuit priest who taught at Georgetown for over 40 years, had a rare form of cancer, according to his wife, the Rev. B. Anne Gehman. The funeral service will be held at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, 222 N. Washington Street, Falls Church, Virginia on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. Burial will be in Victoria, KS and a memorial service will be held at a later date at Georgetown University.

Anne believes in the continuity of life, that no one really dies, but simply leaves their earthly body and passes into a spirit realm with personality intact.

She communicates with those on the spirit side of life and always instills the truth of the spirits survival of bodily death.

She has dedicated her life to that and to Spiritualism. Her teachings led to Sandra also becoming a Spiritualist minister.

Sandra and Anne have remained friends over the years and continue to further the religion of Spiritualism and knowledge that life lives beyond physical death.

Books by or about her are, The Priest and the Medium, About Life, Love, Mediumship, and the Spirit World (Through A Medium's Eyes) – Ruth Shilling; Self Empowerment: Nine Things the 19th Century Can Teach Us About Living in the 21st – by B. Anne Gehman, Ellen Ratner and several other publications.


Sybil was Sandra's first formal introduction to astrology. She came to the U.S. from England and founded the first accredited astrology school which Sandra attended. 
It was not a correspondence school, but a classroom setting with in-depth instruction requiring intensive study.

Sandra states, "I recall that the classes were very full in the beginning, but narrowed down to a very few toward the end. The math is what seemed to be a factor that weeded out so many. Teachings were complex and not for anyone who made mistakes – one math error would throw a chart completely off and it would be wrong. The ability to synthesize a chart was part of the testing. But, I took to all of the studies very well and graduated with original certificates signed by Sybil herself."

Sybil wrote more than 60 books about astrology and numerous metaphysical subjects. Her family in England was involved in astrology and some notable persons who visited her home were H.G. Wells, Lawrence of Arabia and Aleister Crowley.

Born in Straffordshire, England, she was one of the most publicized metaphysicians of the 20th century. Her grandmother prepared astrological charts for such as Dame Edith Sitwell. Sybil talked about having foreseen the success of a French captain named Charles DeGaulle, and predicted the literary achievements and death of Ian Fleming long before he wrote the 007 stories.

It was after reading her book, “My Life in Astrology” that Sandra made the decision to formally learn this very ancient and scientific art. Ironically, once she made the decision  and that she wanted to study at her school, within six months Sybil moved to the United States and opened a school in the very city where she lived.

Sybil Leek and Charles Luntz wrote the most in-depth set of courses available at that time. She was a good astrologer and healer which became lesser known when the sensational stories of her mystical powers that kept appearing in newspapers, magazines and television shows.

There were other synchronicities that pointed to this extraordinary woman that continues to be a part of Sandra's life today. While she doesn't practice witchcraft (Wicca) she learned much from Sybil's books about the twists and turns people take along that path, and as she has learned, there are thousands of great people within the faith, and some not so great. There have been many Wiccan and Pagan people encountered who are striving to save the planet, animals, and the environment throughout the world. 

​Sybil Leek often attended spaceship lunches at NASA as a guest and was consulted globally by many including government leaders.

Known as the person who brought Witchcraft out of the closet she gained great fame with her numerous books though it was her expertise as an astrologer that was the beckoning call to Sandra. 

Sandra is one of the few to have attended classes and earned certificates from Sybil. The classes were extensive requiring the ability to calculate charts without a computer, plus written and oral testing. The courses were written by Sybil and Charles Luntz


The personal friendship with Andre began when she and Sandra 
met at a fundraising event for saving homeless animals. 
Sandra's mother fostered dozens of animals and was part of a
 rescue group that raised funds for their medical care. 
Andre was a member who donated handmade dolls to sell. 
Sandra has several of the beautiful dolls of Victorian design that
she bought and gave some as gifts.

She attended several of Andre's Christmas teas, enjoying many hours of conversation about animals, metaphysics and literature. She, her mother, and Andre often visited a small British restaurant for tea and pastries.

During those years she consulted Sandra for her expertise as an astrologer and then asked her to collaborate with her on her book, “Wheel of Stars”.* Sandra designed a chart to match the heroine and also gave several pages of description about the chart and character that is in the book as well. Sandra states, "It was an honor that she dedicated the book to me and was a surprise since she did not tell me until it was published."

Andre has more than 300 books and stories published throughout her long and successful career and any search will give you a great amount of information about her work. The movie, Beastmaster, was from one of her books.

She always encouraged Sandra to write and was encouraging about her work as an astrologer.

*“Wheel of Stars”
(1983) * Published by Wallaby
(1984) * Published by TOR
(1991) * Published by St. Martins Press

The heroine inherits a watch that houses a secret wheel that is an astrological chart which becomes part of the mystery of the standing stones that is part of the mysterious world in which she is cast. It is a novel about good and evil and traveling through time.

This book is dedicated to Sandra Helton.


No doubt there's anyone in the world that doesn't know who she is - a well known and excellent actress, dancer and singer of both film and stage, and author whose work has received many awards during her career. The list of Shirley MacLaine movies, books and accolades is extensive.

Choosing to step-up to her own commitment to follow her heart and authentic self, Shirley wrote Out on a Limb that became a television mini series and from there has written numerous books about her own spiritual journey, as well as launching one of the first New Age websites. Now, there are many New Age websites, though Shirley’s site has been the main one that led the way. As a place to learn and connect with others of likemind, its extensiveness has brought knowledge, wisdom, and solace for many thousands over the years. Shirley’s chosen mission has been to bring as much as possible, awareness that we are all spiritual beings. Her website has been “the place to go” and where Sandra wrote the weekly astrology column, with a esoteric slant that reached an international audience, and as well was referred a worldwide clientelle for personal consultations. She was a frequent guest on Shirley’s Independent Radio show that included many progressive thinkers, authors, and leaders. All-in-all, the site is a job well done and we can continue to progress from there as we branch out into new vistas to teach, counsel, and further share our always expanding insights. 

A major influence and director of Shirley’s site is Brit Elders. Her own radio show, Living in the Light provided great information about nutrition and ways to maintain optimum health. She and her husband, Lee Elders are pioneers in the field of UFO research and Lee’s newest book, “Expeditions: Gold, Shamans and Green Fire”, cronicles some of his extraordinary journeys. Both Brit and Lee are an integral part of Sandra’s life and from the beginning of meeting them she was and continues to be amazed at their knowledge and wisdom. 

The myraid of people that came to the sites Encounter Boards became a spiritual family and are connected forever. The connections include not just people, but pets and animals which is one of the bright aspects of such a wonderful union of souls. Over the years we’ve expressed joy about them, sent healing to all who were in need including the animals, and shared our stories of their wonderful lives. Leading the packs and prides was Terry, Shirley’s beloved terrier that was clearly the alpha. Sandra states, “I can’t think of a more wonderful alliance and how much they ALL mean to me.”

The column, Sandra’s Celestial Compass continues in a new format here on her website with information about what’s happening in the cosmos and its impact. 

Sandra's Celestial Compass, about current astrological trends with daily details of planetary influences, has been published for 20 years on Shirley's official website. In addition, she served the worldwide community through personal in-depth consultations.

The honor from the beginning to be asked to serve was based on truth, respect, and trust,that is certainly mutual.
Legend states that at birth, the Gods tie a red string around the angle of every person destined to meet, and that the string may tangle and stretch, but will never break.
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Author of The Art of Horary Astrology, Presidential Elections, and Guideposts to Mystical and Mundane Interpretations and a great teacher.

​Looking back on my career as an astrologer I owe my access to the best books to Sylvia DeLong who was a great astrologer with a bookstore offering texts for professionals. Graduating from Astrology Dynamics wasn’t a simple task as it required extensive study and the ability to calculate mathematically (without a computer) birth charts, progressed charts and also transits, in addition to knowing what it all means. Sylvia was an expert mathematician and her bookstore was my first place to purchase what was necessary – the Ephemerides which were books of pages of planet placements in 24 increments for various years (My preference because of accuracy which she had in stock were published in Swiss and German.); Longitude and Latitude books; Table of Houses (strings of degrees and minutes to convert using sidereal time and other space alignments); and the ever growing Time Changes books both National and International. Sylvia also carried books not found in regular bookstores as well as her personally published three books. She was the definitive resource of knowledge and when she retired I was honored that she gifted me her library. She authored, Art of Horary Astrology in Practice, Guideposts to Mystical and Mundane Interpretations, and Charting Presidential Elections.