Coffee Anyone?

It’s speculated that coffee was discovered in the thirteenth century by Kaldi, a goat herder in Ethopia noticed his goats after grazing on certain berries were so excited they couldn’t sleep. Kaldi told the abbot of the monastery who checked it out by making a drink of the berries and discovered that it made him very alert. From there the news and interest spread throughout Arabia. The word, coffee, came into being in 1598 from the Dutch as koffie that came from the Turkish, kahve and from the Arabic, qahwa. 

The primary planet ruler is Neptune because Neptune rules opiates and anything mind altering. Coffee aroma has great effect when breathed in which is why it smells so great. It has become a social drink and so desirable that Venus, planet of desire and gratification has come into play as a co-ruler. Adding cream, sugar and flavors is definitely a Venus process. Socializing as well is Venus in that Venus rules not just matters of the heart but all social gatherings from one-on-one to large events. The alerting quality from its caffeine is Mars that is all about energy and all things martial such as guns, sharp edges and the essence of get-up-and-go that explains coffees punch and if overdone becoming jittery. Among major roles it has played in history, did you know that the French Revolution was planned in coffee houses? 

It gets us up, gives us a lift to keep going and a reason to meet to talk and relax and most homes and offices have a coffee machine.

The simple cup of coffee represents so much in today’s society where it’s grabbed at drive-through windows, ordered in line at specialty shops and people meet for coffee for everything from a quick moment to check messages, connect  with a friend or for business meetings. It has become a foundation of our social structure, gets us up, gives us a lift to keep going and provides a reason to connect with others or simply stop for a break. Most homes and offices have coffee machines.

The energy of Neptune, Venus and Mars all combined created a great cosmic drink. 

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​The Popularity of Screaming Chefs and Food Fights
 - by Sandra Helton
Copyright 2013

Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are just two of many cooking programs and now even an entire network is dedicated to food and cooking. Cookbooks with a sprinkling of chefs was always popular but a phenomena of high drama has grown that explodes into our homes via television that includes screaming, temper tantrums and novices breaking down when they make mistakes. The phenomena grew out of a few planetary alignments such as Uranus in Pisces and the passage of Pluto into Capricorn making everyone more security conscious and having food is a primary concern. It has evolved from cooking nutritious meals and refined dining to high art and chefs in demand. When asked what astrological sign makes a good chef I picked one that stands out as a sparking personality who immediately gained everyone’s attention, Gordon Ramsay born November 8, 1966 in Scotland. He is known for sudden outbursts and total intolerance of poorly executed dishes. His gift comes from his Sun close to Venus and Neptune so he is truly inspired and intuitively connected to all he does. The Moon rules ones emotions and outer personality and his in Virgo close to Pluto, Mars and Uranus explain his sudden flares of temper and intolerance that is real and not contrived. He is passionate and exact in his character and personality.

The major angle between Uranus and Pluto during these last few years previously occurred in the early 1930’s triggering an economic depression occurred that is one reason for gravitating to food. Anxiety about not being able to have it causes great interest. In some instances it almost appears people are playing with food and some of the dishes are quite luxurious but the theme is the same – fear of not having enough to survive. Neptune in Aquarius for years until recently also brought the interest out and made it a phenomenon. Now with Neptune in Pisces the theme is more creative and gratification is almost drug like. It reveals a body-mind connection as people realize the influence of food as energy and sustenance for the spirit. The food pyramid of an ideal diet has continued to change and what was once thought healthy is now shunned and will likely change again. The concept of food relation to health and its reality has never really been comprehended. Only in recent history foods affect on the body is recognized as valid. As chefs create art out of food nutritionists Uranus in Aries generates revelations about the connection of it to the body, mind and spirit.

Jupiter in Cancer from June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014 will emphasize the field even more with an influx of students entering cooking schools and people taking courses to learn specialties. Interest in nutrition will expand and the kitchen will once again become the hub of the home.
GORDON RAMSAY Born: November 8, 1966, Johnstone, Scotland
New articles are frequently posted, mostly with an astrological slant that reveals the powerful interconnection we have to planets and the heavens.
J. K. ROWLING, author of the Harry Potter book series.
Helen Beatrix Potter, English author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist known for her imaginative children’s books featuring animals.
Passionate and Compassionate Leo Dicaprio - Scorpio

Born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles his is a Scorpio, his Moon of emotions and feelings is Libra as is his rising sign making him water and double air. The rising sign (ascendant) in Libra gives him appeal to the public and balanced features. Elizabeth Taylor had Libra rising and was considered a great beauty. With both the Ascendant and Moon in Libra, especially the Moon in the air element he has an aloof projection and is thoughtful about what he chooses to say publically. Leo is a humanitarian and has gone to great length to work with groups that preserve natural habitats, for the underprivileged and also animal rights. His avid fight to stop elephant and other poaching has gained him worldwide acclaim and respect. His great success as an actor has brought him several major awards and continual demand for prime roles in successful films and with all that he makes time for his beliefs serving on boards and lavishly donates to at least 15 charities from saving forests to animal rights. His own foundation, the Leo Dicaprio Foundation is making a difference in an apathetic and often callous world.

Astrologically his chart reflects his kind dignified nature through Libra with not only the Moon and Ascendant there but also Uranus, Pluto and Mercury that combined create genius. Uranus so place makes him think fast and it’s likely he’s also very psychic with lightening speed. His Scorpio Sun sits between Mars and Venus making him passionate and devoted with strong convictions. Mars in Scorpio is well placed as it co-rules the sign giving him a gentle nature and a temperate drive. The Scorpio planets trine Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Cancer form a Grand Water Trine that altogether makes a lot of water in his chart meaning he is sensitive and even emotional. He can veil his sensitive nature with Libra logic and reason as an outer personality and public presentation though he cares deeply about suffering in the world and what is happening to the planet and most of all he does something about it. In a world of self-centeredness he chooses to give from the heart and share his abundance even to those who will never know who he is. When searching for photos I found many of him with his beloved dogs of various types. He’s a good dog dad! 

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Article by Sandra Helton, Copyright2013SandraHelton

Atmospheric sprites have been known for nearly a century, but their origins were a mystery. Now, a team of researchers has evidence that sprites form at plasma irregularities and may be useful in remote sensing of the lower ionosphere.
"We are trying to understand the origins of this phenomenon," said Victor Pasko, professor of electrical engineering, Penn State. "We would like to know how sprites are initiated and how they develop."
Sprites are an optical phenomenon that occur above thunderstorms in the D region of the ionosphere, the area of the atmosphere just above the dense lower atmosphere, about 37 to 56 miles above the Earth. The ionosphere is important because it facilitates the long distance radio communication and any disturbances in the ionosphere can affect radio transmission.
Sprites occur above thunderstorms, but thunderstorms, while necessary for the appearance of a sprite, are not sufficient to initiate sprites. All thunderstorms and lightning strikes do not produce sprites. Recent modeling studies show that plasma irregularities in the ionosphere are a necessary condition for the initiation of sprite streamers, but no solid proof of those irregularities existed.
The researchers studied video observations of sprites, developed a model of how sprites evolve and disappear, and tested the model to see if they could recreate sprite-forming conditions.
Sprites resemble reddish orange jellyfish with bluish filamentary tendrils hanging down below. Careful examination of videos of sprites forming showed that their downward hanging filaments form much more rapidly than in the horizontal spread, leading the researchers to suggest that localized plasma irregularities cause the streamers to propagate.
Researchers used a two-dimensional cylindrical symmetric plasma fluid model, a mathematical model of the ionization movements in the sprite, to study sprite dynamics. They then used the model to recreate optical sprite creation. From this recreation, the researchers determined where the sprite streamers originated, and they could estimate the size of the plasma irregularity.
Further analysis suggested some potential causes of these plasma irregularities. The most obvious seems to be the existence in that area of a previous sprite. For the sprites examined, there were no previous sprites in that area that occurred close enough in time, unless there were long-lasting irregularities. However, the researchers are unsure how such long-lasting events could occur.
Another possible source for the irregularities is meteor events. The D region of the ionosphere is in the upper part of the atmosphere where most meteors can exist, because once they enter the denser, lower atmosphere they burn up due to atmospheric friction.
"This technique can be used for remote sensing in the ionosphere as well," said Pasko. "Using high speed videos and fluid models we may be able to see other things that go on in the ionosphere and better understand the effects of various natural phenomena on very low frequency radio communications." 
​Unraveling the Mystery of Potter and Rowling
by Sandra Helton

Two famous women writers have birthdays closely aligned – Beatrix Potter born July 28, 1866 and J.K. Rowling born July 31, 1965. Each have contributed to the world great literary works and also both were groundbreaking in the field, as each while living in different eras a hundred years apart became successful through groundbreaking ways. In the 1800’s women had limited opportunities and even now in an era of my equality it was suggested to Rowling that she use her initials, J.K., rather than her feminine name to advance her chances of success. Both have forever painted great visions in the minds of all people of all ages for all time. 

For anyone who may not know these Leos, J.K. Rowling is a British author of seven books about a young wizard named Harry Potter and Beatrix Potter was a British writer and illustrator who created the characters Peter Rabbit and his sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail.

There are similarities in their birth charts and the photos of each show they also look very much alike. The name Potter is clearly and obviously intertwined. Beatrix has her Moon in Aquarius and JK’s chart has Aquarius rising, the ascendant point. Both are Leo with Mercury and Venus conjunct in Virgo and both have Saturn opposing Pluto. All this adds up to being very much alike and it could be speculated that maybe Beatrix reincarnated as JK? Either way, their gifts are amazing.

by Sandra Helton
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