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When it feels like something big is looming, 
it usually is!
  Saturn has a way of forcing issues and holding us in a situation until we find a better way of doing things. It is the time keeper of the solar system and sends a message of taking a greater responsibility for our circumstances. It can be burdonsome and also offer an opportunity to take the reigns and settle matters to clear the path for the future.

Saturn is the fifth planet from the Sun and is now in Capricorn for 2 years.
Depending on your own birth chart will determine its effect in your life. Life becomes more serious and a need to be diligent is essential to work with this powerful energy.
Sandra Helton graduated from Astrology Dynamics 

Astrology Dynamics, founded by Sybil Leek and Charles Luntz in England, was the first accredited astrology school. The courses Sandra took were in person classes and required a written and oral exam for graduation. They also required that the math be learned without the use of computer software. After graduation from Astrology Dynamics, Sandra continued to advanced studies and participated in several research projects. She feels it is a continual lifetime learning process and points out that being educated in this field is essential.

She has a worldwide clientele and worked as astrologer and columnist for Shirley MacLaine for 20 years.

Sandra says, “Even though daily newspaper horoscopes and customary horoscope columns in most all media is scoffed at and is not a totally reliable source, the very fact that it's part of journalism and news in general is indicative of how much it's an integral part of people’s lives. If it were not accepted then those simple articles and columns would have faded away long ago. People resonate to the truth and even those simple and benign columns represent a truth of our life’s foundation. You can debate it, but you cannot fool the spirit about what is valid. Years ago there was a bogus paper published saying that astrology was invalid. Later it was revealed that all those signatures were from scientists who were attending a conference and the paper was just passed around and signed without even knowing what it was. Many of these scientists were embarrassed and tried to correct their error. Once a scientist who scoffed astrology was given texts and instruction and became lost as to how to do the mathematics of a basic horoscope erection. He just could not do it! Well, if I were debating I would rest my case here. I do remember that in my mathematics class we began with 26 people and by the end of it, there were three of us left. That in itself should say something of the extensive and complexity of astrology. I have wonderful clients who use guidance provided to improve and better their lives."

Quoting Sandra, “It is wonderful that so many are interested in astrology. It is not an obscure science for the elect few, but is something for everyone to utilize and enjoy and learn as an empowerment tool for their lives. I encourage investigation and learning and working with your own chart. If you plan to consult an astrologer, I really recommend you seek the services of someone who has been willing to invest their time to learn from professionals and knowledgeable teachers. To properly learn astrology is not just a financial investment, but also one of time - it cannot be properly learned in a few weeks or months. I encourage everyone to seek information and to find ways to use astrology to better their lives. Even if just for gardening it is a great asset. I have seen some amazing gardens planted and tended using lunar cycles. From flowers to career moves, astrology is for everyone as it is our foundation in this dimension where time and space meets.”

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"The time and place of birth is your portal into this dimension. Astrology is the science and art of interpreting the effects of celestial movements on all life." - Sandra



March 5-28 in Pisces
July 7- 31 in Leo/Cancer
October 31-November 20 in Scorpio

Uranus is in Taurus for eight years
from May 15, 2018 to 2026.

Neptune is in Pisces for thirteen years. 

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moon info

Dec 19, 2017 11:49 PM EST Saturn enters Capricorn
Mar 21, 2020 11:58 PM EDT Saturn enters Aquarius
Jul 1, 2020 7:37 PM EDT Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
Dec 17, 2020 12:04 AM EST Saturn enters Aquarius
An astrology chart is a map of the heavens when you were born. Someone born on the same date and at the same time but in a different location would have a completely different chart when correctly calculated. To be accurate, an astrologer should know the mathematics of calculation and be able to decipher the many angles of planets to each other and what they mean. It isn’t predestination or fate, although there are many aspects that make it a reliable source of understanding the individual soul journey. 

Among the many scholars who believe in astrologer were Hippocrates, Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo and Pythagoras. Medicine/the medical field was created because of astrology as the first remnants were associating certain parts of the physical body with each of the twelve zodiac signs. Hippocrates said, “A physician that does not know the truth of astrology is not a physician but a fool.”
Before that, the zodiac represented many areas in the Bible such as the twelve disciples being the twelve zodiacal signs and Jesus as the Sun. 
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