Susan Stanton Rotman, Intuitive Consulting and Inner Counsel Intuitive counseling for individuals and businesses, integrating clairvoyant and intuitively accessed information with analytical thought to give direction and support in development and transition.
JOURNEY'S END ANIMAL SANCTUARY I've personally visited this small and wonderful place many times and cannot recommend it more highly. The founder, Florence, works tirelessly 24 hours a day and cares for each animal with love and respect. It is less known that the bigger famous places so is always in need of funds to pay for the many vet bills and food. Most of the animals are old or have special needs so require more care and usually do not get adopted, hence, the name - journey's end. Her goal is to give them a place where they may live out their lives in peace and with someone who loves them.
Every donation no matter how small helps and 100% goes to their care. There is a PayPal link on their website or you may send to: Journey's End Animal Sanctuary   P.O. Box 220163   Glenwood FL 32722
Shirley MacLaine has an extensive website with Encounter Boards on numerous topics about spirituality and the paranormal. This was one of the first sites of its kind. Her's is very original and is a place to meet others of like mind and share information. Weekly astrology column that includes daily details about the planet alignments. Sandra's Celestial Compass
Sandra's recommendations of people, places, and organizations.