Astrologer . Counsel . Teacher - classes and workshops . Individual tutoring . Lectures

Studied astrology and GRADUATED WITH TESTING AND CERTIFICATES from Astrology Dynamics and Sybil Leek (founder). The extensive courses included chart calculation without a computer plus written and in-person tests. Information about Sybil is on the Tributes page.

Completed studies in mediumship (spirit communication), healing, and psychic development with teacher, Anne B Gehman, NSAC

Other degrees and certifications - clinical hypnotherapy; psychology; pastoral

Astrologer and columnist for Shirley MacLaine for 20yrs

Consultant to authors & media about astrology, the paranormal astrology and metaphysics

The book, Wheel of Stars, written by science fiction writer Andre Norton is dedicated to Sandra.

Media: Appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX, KISS , Independent Radio, and publications in various news outlets.

She has served on the board of directors of the West Volusia Humane Society and other animal welfare groups as well as a trustee for the Spiritual Research Society. 

Teaches workshops, classes and lectures throughout the year on astrology, dream analysis, various metaphysical and spiritual topics.

Offers astrology consultations by appointment: Astrology chart analysis: karmic astrology; esoteric (spiritual) chart; future cycles; event charting; relocation

Intuitive Counsel - understanding Natural Law and how to apply it. Sessions are confidential economical and set to the pace of the individual.

Personal Interests: Animal welfare; art

Phone: 323-347-1796