"The time and place of birth is your entrance into this dimension." - Sandra Helton

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Mercury Retrograde:


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Astrology isn’t just about personality traits,  it's in-depth insight into life patterns, relationships, potentials and challenge. Your chart is specifically about you and no one else and you have many life choices that are part of your life journey. You may choose a specific type of chart reading or a combination. 


A Natal Chart is based on the birthday, birth time and birth place revealing life patterns, personality traits, connection to others such as partnerships, siblings, parents, friends, and so on. Conflicts and easy passages are aspects of strengths to understand for personal empowerment. Astrology isn’t fate but the many complex aspects of life.


Progression is when born, the heavens continue to move that sets a pace of growth and new patterns such as childhood, teen years and so on and the progressed planet placements explain those new energies. Generally the progressed chart is part of the natal and transit session.


Karmic Astrology is based on the belief that one is born again with energy from other lifetimes that reveal events, challenges and abilities brought forth into this life. Many believe they have come into this earth plane with experiences from other lives that connect in this life to meeting specific people and working to refine what needs evolving toward harmony.


Spiritual Astrology is the higher octave of life where one is able to live through greater consciousness and purpose. This is part of living in grace and staying connected to higher realms and purpose. Everyone is a divine spirit.


Horary Astrology pertains to discovery of mysteries such as a missing person, solving the unknown and helping to answer questions. All sessions include a horological chart.


Election Astrology is determining the birth of a business or event that gives clues to the outcome and dynamics pertaining to the business, corporation, or any other intentional event such as a ship cruise, a spaceship launch or opening an office to practice a business.