A non dogmatic perspective to spirituality and guidance.


Historical and Current Experience and Activities

Ordained Minister 

     Sandra is an ordained minister in good standing with the SCSCMA for 28yrs and prior was an interfaith minister working nationally and internationally. Services include healing, ministerial counsel, officiating for weddings, naming ceremonies, house and property blessings, celebration of life service for those who've passed to spirit, theological teaching, absentee healing.

As part of her ministry she has served in the capacity as:

Ministerial Advisor (assistant to students in ministerial programs to move through their studies and the process of becoming ordained.)

Certifying Evaluator (Similar to a guidance counselor, a CE assists students work toward certification as a medium.)

Certification and Education Committees, Chair (Committees of qualified individuals that review the academic and experiential work of students in the process of gaining certification status.) Organization Review Commission

Pastor of Colby Memorial Temple which is a 135 year old Spiritualist church. It's a non dogmatic religion subscribing to a three-fold criteria of religion, science and philosophy. 


Circle for Animals is a daily time that anyone may join through attunement on behalf of animals for their safety, protection and healing. The official time is sunrise wherever you are. Sandra states that animals are the sacred life of the planet living in a state of grace beyond human frailties, in other words, innocent and evermore in need of humankind to not just oversee but to intervene on their behalf. She states that  animals are sentient (have souls).

Healing by Absentia (including pets) is distance healing upon request. Anyone may petition via email or messaging and will be added to the list.

Currently officiating under the auspices of ordination offering services and pastoral/ministerial counsel. Ministerial counsel is a combination of tenets, principles, Natural Law and the intuitive with consideration of client beliefs.

Spiritual guidance through ministerial counsel can benefit self-understanding and how you've come to be where you are today. Ministerial counsel is designed based on individual needs providing a supportive atmosphere to help individuals make independent decisions for their best and highest good. Understanding free will and ways to be empowered are aspects. Sandra believes it's natural to evolve beyond suffering and that suffering isn't punishment or "bad karma". Her own intuitive insights stems from study, experience and her personal connection to her higher energies of spirit guides. To schedule write to:

Declaration of Principles