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Information needed for astrology sessions:

Birth Date:

The month, day of the month, and the year. Please specify in written form

the month rather than a number. (Different countries write out the sequence of 

month, day and year differently.) Example: July 2, 1955

Birth Time: 

Provide your time of birth specifying A.M. or P.M. If the time is unknown, sunrise will be used. 

Birth Place: 

The town or city and state and, if another country, any specifics of location. If you were born in a small town then also mention the next nearest larger town and the county so that the correct longitude and latitude may be known for calculations.

Contact Information: 

Provide a telephone number, mailing address and/or e-mail address for a way to reach you.

Requested Compensation:

Astrology Consultation: 165 US 

*Natal birth chart interpretation

*Karmic interpretation

*Your spiritual path

*Synastry (dynamics between 2 charts): 185

Payment methods: (Zelle, PayPal, check)


A chart reading is an analysis of a map of the heavens at the time of birth based on birth date, birth time and birth location. Birth location gives the longitude and latitude of where on the planet one is born. Every chart is different and is insightful to understand life patterns, subtle influences within the psyche, current circumstances and future cycles.

Sandra studied extensively and is a graduate of Astrology Dynamics founded by Sybil Leek of England (see the Tributes page) She has conducted research in areas of ancestry, other lifetimes, subconscious influences and patterns of boundaries, and as well she enjoys delving into current and future cycles for indicators of planetary influence.

The consultation process…

     The general consultation consists of information about your birth chart, insight about your progressed chart with emphasis on current and future celestial influences. An example is the place and time duration of Saturn specifically affecting your birth chart. Saturn is notable because it represents structure that can be either challenging or stabilizing; where and how it’s located in your birth chart helps to know your personal challenges and the current place by sign, house and connection to other planets and luminaries calling for focus. If transiting through your house of money it’s likely pulling you to be more diligent and work harder to manage. If it’s moving through the area of your life regarding friendships you may experience challenge, loss of, or they may be going through a tough time. Each planet moves through specific areas of your life signaling what energy is unfolding. In 2023 Saturn transits through Pisces and knowing “exactly” where that is in your natal and progressed chart helps to understand and work with it. Every planet and luminary has two sides, a higher and lower octave and knowing those attributes can be empowering. Emphasis may be in specific areas such as your spiritual path, planning with specific time cycles, other lifetime patterns, etc.

A reading is intended to help you learn about yourself and prepare and plan for the future.

Consider that toughts are things and with all the possibilities you can create a probable unfolding way to progress. 

Personal Intuitive Insights/ Teaching / Mentoring: 

Mentoring is a process to benefit someone with intention to develop ideals and abilities, usually the intuitive that can be used for guidance. Instinct is a natural part of every living thing and while often ignored is there to remind you of how to be safe and fulfilled. Taking steps that help you to focus and be clear about what you really want in life is easy with the right methods. Sessions may be once or ongoing that includes discussion about what you want to achieve in life and ways to go forward and designed toward individual needs. The sessions are about learning through Natural Laws (the laws of cause and effect as an example) how you make decisions and create your life circumstances. It's not coaching because it's a flexible process based on individual choice.

Intuitive Insight for individuals is a type of pastoral counsel from a Spiritualist perspective that is non-dogmatic and Natural Law based. Natural Law is multifaceted principles with the foundation being, The Law of Cause and Effect. This educational process is unique that helps you to connect with your higher mind, your beliefs, your connection to ancestry and nature and where you might be blocking your progress. Learning about your gifts and abilities and ways to become self-aware is the basic foundation, often therapeutic, often cathartic.

55 for initial sessions and 35 for subsequent sessions. 

Special Note: Limitations are in areas of health, either, physical, mental or emotional, and also legal. It's always recommended to seek professional care for all medical and legal needs. One should also seek appropriate and professional advice for legal matters. Clients are responsible for how information is interpreted. 

Healing is available upon request and anyone may be placed on the healing list that is a free service. Requests may be sent via email. (See Ministry page)

Sandra works as an ordained minister providing readings based on her beliefs.

Time and effort is needed to prepare charts for readings and counsel.. At least 24 hour notice is required for cancellation.